26th-30th September Student Data Meeting

Analysing student data has helped us to improve our teaching methods and student outcomes. By lookin

14 September Home Languages Day

In the PYP, we recognise that all students come to school with different linguistic and cultural bac

Investiture Ceremony

7th September Investiture Ceremony

Leadership investiture ceremonies are important events that signify the start of a new era for stude

7th September Leadership Forum

We invite leaders in our community to share valuable lessons with us.

10th August Student Council Nominations

Student leadership is a core element of Lancerian Life.

8th-16th August Parent Coffee Meetings

Teachers and parents come together to align their expectations during parent and teacher coffee meet

1st June 2022 Written Assessments Begin

We wish all our students the best in their finals!

30th May 2022 Pre-DP Courses

We continue to progress our learning through Pre-DP Courses