Community & Personal Projects


Community Projects

Students at Lancers strive to bring changes in the mind sets, in their own small way participating in local and global communities on various social issues. These community projects are informed by respective models of service learning connected to their ongoing units.

Personal Projects

Students involve in a Personal Project as a culminating experience of the middle years programme. This is a self-directed individual project lasting approximately 8 months, in the final year of the MYP. Students are driven by their passions and interests whether it is coding a website, shooting a documentary film on social injustices or planning a Yoga class. They establish a challenging goal which they work towards with the guidance of an individually assigned teacher supervisor.

At the end of the project, students showcase their final products and outcomes and their learning journey through an exhibition that is open to the wider community. All personal projects are externally moderated by the IB and a certificate is issued for the completion of the project.

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