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ABLE clubs are patterned from Design Thinking pioneered at d.School, Stanford University. Design thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving.

Creativity is harnessed through continued practice and providing opportunities to apply it. We believe that by providing Design Thinking at the school, we harness our students’ creativity and provide the capability to go beyond adapting to normal routines and ordinary thinking practices.

Design thinking starts with people. It’s about putting human needs at the centre of what we do. It’s about simple mindset shifts and new ways of looking at problems through Empathy and Collaboration. For an idea to be both meaningful and successful, our students would be exploring things around them with Empathy, Ideation, Prototyping and Application with feasibility, desirability and viability.

Making their way through this path, children can naturally design processes that will make lives better for the whole human race. 

The skills of design thinking will help students take the biggest of their challenges and build their creative competence with the support of caring and creative mentors.

The Design Thinking practice at the school is embedded in the Co-Curricular activities and in timetabled classes. Students with their interest groups explore the various phases of design thinking and come up with creative solutions to problems that they are passionate about.

Below are the various interest groups called ABLE Clubs.



This club expands to
S – Science
T – Technology
E – Engineering
M – Maths
Its main aim is to offer opportunities to interested students look for favorable scientific results on every day basis. Under the exemplary guidance of experienced teachers, students display different modals and ideas that can work on everyday problems.


Leadership Club

Being a leader is not an easy task. This quality in a person requires various other skills. To imbibe being a good leader and other skills children learn through practical projects. Students go through famous leader personalities of the world and what principles led them to become such great leaders. Lastly, this club gives way for practical inclusion of these skills as students organize various events leading to execution of ideas and reflecting them in reality.


Y.A. (Young Artists) Club

Different forms of art help children to inculcate different qualities. Students at LIS can choose the art form of their choice as per their interests.

Visual Art: For young painters and artists, choice between mindful abstract and landscape art forms is available. Moreover, special painting is given the honor to adorn school walls.

Dance and Drama: Expressing ones emotions is an important quality to grow and develop. Children get this opportunity by emoting through drama plays and dancing.

Western Choir & Indian Music: Music, both Indian and Western, strings a certain chord with our students. They indulge in this activity by taking part in the choir group and learn a great deal about handling as well as playing with different musical instrument.



Students in LIS enact and take part in activities that takes them through finest parts of being an entrepreneur. They learn how to mange financial aspect of the event and also how the economy functions.


Media and Technology

Media and technology are developing on daily basis. This club allows children to get in depth knowledge of the nuances of media and other technologies. They are allowed to innovate and create feasible media strategies and implement them through events.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking club is integral in making children more confident while dealing with an audience. With different kinds of events at hand including impromptu events, speeches, debates and sharing of personal journey, children get an idea as how to act in front of large gathering.

With these club options, children as young as of Grade 1 are able to communicate in the public with utmost confidence. They gain control of their emotions and enhance their inherent qualities for better and brighter future.

This enhancement in the learning process should only provide better opportunities for our 21st Century learners to succeed in a fast-paced world. We are excited, more than ever, as we journey through these enhancements at Lancers International School.