At Lancers International School, we lay a strong emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities, within a culture of numerous possibilities. Here, students express their opinions freely and are offered a supportive environment, which allows them to grow into mature and sensitive adults.

Lancers International School welcomes applications from bright, diverse students throughout the calendar year. Our admissions representatives can help you decide the best time to apply. We build an applicant pool with a purpose to include a good flow of opportunities for a wide range of applicants. We make time to work with every inquiry and applicant to guide them with when admission might be possible.

We understand that choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re moving across the city or across the world, and want to give your child a school with a diverse environment and a holistic way of teaching. That’s one of the main reasons why we encourage both parents and children to visit our school prior to taking admission, meet with the faculty and understand the true spirit of Lancers before joining the school.

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    10 Reasons To Come To LIS

    1 LIS has been ranked among the top 50 IB schools in the world.
    2 LIS promotes Academic excellence.
    3 LIS has an outstanding community of internationally experienced teachers.
    4 LIS has a global community of learners.
    5 LIS has associations with top universities.
    6 Our students gain admission to top universities worldwide.
    7 Our warm supportive community makes a child feel at home.
    8 LIS supports Personalised learning.
    9 Our award winning campus,enhances the LIS learning experience.
    10 With our wide range of extracurricular actives, students are able explore their passions.