ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and the world’s leading provider of music exams, offering assessments to over 650,000 candidates in over 93 countries every year.

Lancers International School is proud to be an accredited centre for ABRSM. Our students now have the opportunity to take these globally renowned exams and assessments, and get credit for both practical and music theory exams.

Music Theory is examined through written papers. Papers last between one and a half and three hours depending on the grade. They are marked out of 100, where 66 is a pass, 80 a merit, and 90 a distinction.

Practical exams on the other hand are available in a broad range of musical instruments, and include four individual components – set pieces, scales, sight reading and aural.

These prestigious music exams provide a structured framework for progression from beginner to advanced levels of music. Most subjects are offered from Grades 1–8 and have three standards of pass: a straight pass, a pass with merit and a pass with distinction.

Extracurriculars are an important part of a student’s life, especially during college search. Spending months or years doing something, whether it’s singing in a band or learning to play an instrument, says a lot about a student’s motivation and dedication towards a craft. College admission counsellors look at this stuff closely.

Earning an ABRSM certificate is not only a great way to improve your musical skills, but also a big boost to top university admissions worldwide. Every candidate who has ABRSM Grade 6, 7 or 8 Practical or Theory will be able to gain points towards entrance to UK universities. Moreover, ABRSM certificate will leverage chances of all students in gaining scholarships with some of the Ivy League universities in the world. If you have good grades and test scores, and an ABRSM certificate, you can point to your stunning accomplishments and get into virtually any college you want.

For more information please visit ABRSM Website