Primary Curriculum


Primary Curriculum

The Perfect Beginning To A Lifelong Journey Of Learning

PYP ModelThe Primary Years Programme at Lancers builds a strong foundation for students to be active learners. By learning how to connect the dots and make connections on their own, students at Lancers are able to engage with their curiosity in a positive and productive manner.
We steer clear of spoon-feeding or rote learning of any kind, albeit allowing our students to become independent thinkers while having access to a supportive community of teachers and friends. This way, students understand what their learning goals are and what it would take for them to achieve them.

A typical day involves studying some of the core subjects including Math, English, Science, Social Science along with special classes in Art, Music, Sports and Drama. Life outside school includes community service and field trips that make the educational experience at Lancers more enriching.

We all know that the formative years in an individual’s life are the most crucial. It’s also the time when our brains are the most active and able to absorb information like a sponge.

Therefore, at Lancers, we develop special activities that work as triggers or prompts for our youngest students to engage with their five sense organs better. For instance, a bucket of water, a basin of sand, and a few cups and scoops can keep the child mesmerised. As a result, the child is learning about volume and texture, liquids and solids. Similarly, our teachers ask students more open-ended questions in order to engage with them and have them share their thoughts and opinions in class. This allows for a more open, safe and constructive environment for students to learn in and set high academic standards for themselves.

PYP Wheel