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Affiliations & Accreditations

As an International School, we here at Lancers strive to be an active contributor to our local and global community to deliver the best possible quality education and learning opportunities for our students. To assist with these goals, the school works with international educational bodies such as the International Baccalaureate, the Cambridge Assessment International Education, TAISI and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to bring worldwide resources to our school and students.

An International Baccalaureate World School

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Lancers International School offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum starting from the primary years programme, middle years programme and the diploma programme. With unique academic rigour, and emphasis on personal development, the IB curriculum makes sure to nurture students into knowledgeable, inquiring and caring young ones who are motivated to pursue success.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

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The Cambridge Assessment International Education strives to open doors for learners to give them a clear path for educational success. This innovative and stimulating skills-based programme places the academic study in a practical, real-world context, allowing our young learners at Lancers receive qualifications that are recognized globally in institutions such as that of MIT, Harvard and Cambridge.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International award is available to all 14-24 year olds and is the world’s leading youth achievement award for students. The schools affiliated to Cambridge want to provide students with an opportunity to develop soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and confidence and this award provide students with a holistic education.

The Association of International Schools of India

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The Association of International Schools of India organizes professional development for school leaders, middle management and teachers. With our membership with TAISI, we work towards the common end of fostering greater international understanding, by promoting values of secularism, tolerance, and multi-cultureless.

International Schools Sports Organization (ISSO)

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International Schools Sports Organization (ISSO) is meant and formed with an initiative to develop and nurture across international schools affiliated with Cambridge, IB and other international boards. ISSO is affiliated with the School Games Federation of India and the Subroto International Football Cup. They are authorized body to organize and conduct sports events and competitions between International Schools in India. ISSO provides a platform for International Schools teams to compete at the highest level of school games in India.

Lancers International School is a member of ISSO and students have participated in various sports activities arranged by the ISSO in different international schools in India. Our students have excelled in Shooting and Taekwondo in the ISSO games of 2022.

Access MCA Associate School

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AccessMCA provides unique value to our students in three ways:

  1. Students who complete 24 or more course credits will be guaranteed admission to an MCA member college or university, allowing them to bypass the regular admission process and enter college with these credits as a sophomore, decreasing the length of time required to earn a degree by a full year.
  2. Students may begin AccessMCA anytime beginning in Grade 9. Students who have completed high school may complete AccessMCA in a single accelerated year, matriculating as a college sophomore the following year. Students who begin in Grades 9 or 10 and who take 1-2 courses each semester or during the summer will be able to complete the equivalent of a first year of college by the time they graduate high school.
  3. Students may apply to any college they wish. Since AccessMCA does not require a binding commitment, students are free to apply to other colleges and universities, and to transfer any completed courses. Since liberal arts colleges are the gold standard of academic accomplishment, success in AccessMCA courses sends a powerful signal to colleges about student capability.

With these advantages, AccessMCA mitigates downside risk without limiting upside potential for students. With the college admissions process increasingly stacked against international students, AccessMCA provides students with a distinct advantage no matter what college students ultimately wish to attend.