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Welcome from the Head

At Lancers International School, we allow our students to uncover their greatest potential by giving them space and time to make connections on their own; a trait they carry well into their adult lives and succeed tremendously. We stay away from the traditional method of rote learning because we understand that it doesn’t do anything for our students, both intellectually and personally. We want them to dig deep and tear apart every concept in class, only to put it back together, piece by piece. We do trigger learning by giving our students a nudge, while they easily make sense of new concepts and mathematical problems on their own.

At Lancers International School, students discover and develop their academic, sporting and artistic talents, and the stimulating atmosphere continuously offers them new experiences that pique their curiosity and develop an inquiring mind. As educationists, we feel it’s our duty to offer an environment that’s warm, appealing and intellectually fulfilling; a place that students look forward to going to every morning. And being among the list of top schools in Gurgaon, we’ve been able to create such a space of learning with teachers who engage with the students instead of informing; a place where students are encouraged to be whom they are instead of molding them into people we think they ought to be. At LIS, our students learn to live in an international community, gradually assume greater responsibility according to their age and make lifelong friends.

We help our students of primary school build character and personality so that they become autonomous and confident individuals, who are equipped to overcome any challenges and setbacks that may come their way. There’s transparency, mutual respect and a lot of joy in celebrating our individual selves. And this is what we teach our students most of all – to love themselves and their individuality that defines who they are. We nurture our students so that they become thinking individuals who undoubtedly imbibe the greatest values. They inculcate the values that revolve around creativity, nature, sustainability and kindness. Speaking of kindness, our students naturally learn to keep an open mind and be more accepting of different opinions and narratives. These opinions could come from other cultures, nationalities or even religions. And by staying open to these differences, our students learn to be more adaptive and become people of the world. They are the people who are inwardly strong and secure and know their place in the world.

Mr. Sindhwani

Mr. Y.K. Sindhwani

Head of School