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A deep sense of curiosity is what drives the people at Lancers. With a strong focus on values including creativity and empathy, the leadership team at Lancers have created a safe and nurturing space where students have the liberty to ask questions, pursue problems in a way that makes sense to them and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking in a variety of ways.

We believe each child learns best not by relying solely on normative standards, testing or passively consuming knowledge, rather that each child learns best by actively constructing their own understanding based on his or her knowledge, skills and experience. We view mistakes as important opportunities for both learning and assessment.

Our school leadership team is led by Mr. Y.K. Sindhwani, a visionary, whose strong faith in critical thinking, communication and collaboration has been crucial in ensuring that each child’s curiosities, abilities and learning style have been given their due space in designing the teaching methodologies.

Mr. Sindhwani
Head of School

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Mr. Sindhwani’s professional career spans almost 30 years of an extensive involvement in education in the private sector including a residential school where he served as the Principal. He has held positions of a Principal/Head of School and a member of advisory board for various private schools during his career. He is very methodical and principled in his approach which is completely student centric.

He is heading Lancers International School as the Head of School since 2012. He has been associated with the IBEN as a IB school Evaluation Leader and IB TOK examiner for over 8 years.

Mrs. Prabhu
School Advisor

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Lalage Prabhu joined The British School, New Delhi in 1976. She became the Head of Senior School, Vice Principal and then Principal in 1989. She later became the Founder Principal of Pathways World School. She spent four years there, setting up their IBPYP and IBDP programmes, teaching TOK and teaching teachers to teach the IB way.

In 2010 she joined Lancers International School as an adviser and has been associated with the school ever since.

Ms. Villamarin
Primary and Middle School Principal

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Ms. Villamarin has substantial experience in a variety of roles and has been in the education industry since 1999. She joined Lancers International School in 2013. As a school leader, she is equipped to mentor and coach teachers in promoting international-mindedness, academic excellence and concept-driven teaching and learning. She has published a book on progressive learning in education, is an IB workshop leader, programme and evaluation leader and an IB consultant for schools in their IB candidacy journey. Ms. Villamarin can be reached at primaryprincipal@lis.ac.in.

Ms. Swati Vats
CP Coordinator

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Ms Swati Vats has a rich experience of over 20 years as an Educationist and Career Counsellor. After working for over 9 years with corporates like Educomp and Mafoi she started her journey with International schools as an IB certified Instructor for Psychology and College counselling. She brings with her a rich experience of working with students from diverse backgrounds and cultural origins. She is now working with Lancers International in the capacity of IBCP Coordinator, Head of College counselling and Psychology teacher. Ms Swati can be reached out at cpc@lis.ac.in

Ms. Anjali Rathi
CIE Coordinator

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Ms. Anjali Rathi, a masters in Chemistry and a gold medalist, is our CIE Coordinator and IBDP Chemistry Teacher. Ms. Rathi has been an educator for over 2 decades and has been associated with the Lancers family for more than 10 years. Ms. Rathi can be reached at ciec@lis.ac.in

Dr. Hannaneh Hajiaghababa
MYP Coordinator

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Dr. Hannaneh Hajiaghababa is an IB School Evaluation for the MYP, an IB workshop leader and an IB examiner well-equipped to lead our school’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) as our MYP Coordinator. She has over 10 years of IB MYP teaching and leadership experience from schools in Japan, Iran, Canada and India. She holds a doctorate degree in philosophy. Dr. Hannaneh can be reached at mypcoordinator@lis.ac.in

Ms. Prapti Parasher
PYP Coordinator

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Ms. Prapti has started her teaching career from the UK. She is a very caring and competent teacher. After teaching abroad for almost 3 years, she shifted to India and joined Lancers International School in 2012.

She joined as PYP Teacher but with her hard work and dedication, she has earned the position of PYP coordinator. She is an IB Workshop Leader and a Programme Leader for the PYP. Ms. Prapti can be reached at pypcoordinator@lis.ac.in

Ms. Sugandha Malhotra
Associate DP Coordinator

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Ms. Sugandha Malhotra, an M.Phil and Masters in English Literature degree holder, awarded the University scholar for two years, is our Associate DP Coordinator and Student Development Coordinator at Lancers International School. She is a seasoned educator, having taught at university level before joining K-12 schools. Ms. Sugandha can be reached at sugandha.malhotra@lis.ac.in

Ms. Suchita Pandit
Associate MYP Coordinator

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Ms. Suchita Pandit, an accomplished professional with a bachelor's degree in Science from Pune University and a master's degree in Computer Management, currently serves as our associate IB MYP Coordinator. With over two decades of experience in education, Ms. Pandit has been an integral part of the Lancers family for nearly seven years and brings her extensive expertise as an IB MYP and IB DP Mathematics teacher. She can be reached at suchita.pandit@lis.ac.in

Parent feedback and reflection is relevant in enriching our learning community. We invite you to meet our school leaders to share your thoughts, provide feedback and know more about your child’s academic progress.