IB MYP Curriculum



The IB MYP curriculum requires mastery of eight subjects: The MYP curriculum requires mastery of eight subjects:

  • Language and Literature: As language and literature can be both a mirror and a magnifying glass, students at Lancers read novels, blogs, poetry and drama from a diverse range of authors, cultures, and genres while reflecting and focusing on aspects of our own identities and the world around them.
  • Language Acquisition: It is a compulsory component in every year of the MYP, except for bilingual students who pursue courses of study in multiple languages in the MYP language and literature subject group.
  • Individuals and Societies: The Individual and Societies classes encourage students to respect and understand multiple perspectives on historical and contemporary issues. The students in this class are more open-minded, curious and use an inquiry based approach.
  • Sciences: The aim of science classes is to develop students into scientifically and technologically literate members of society who form opinions on the bases of evidence and reason. The students are advised to take ethical actions by structured inquiry in the classroom.
  • Mathematics: The aim of teachers in this class is to help students gain a thorough understanding of key concepts in math and to be able to apply these concepts at the level of appropriate to their mathematical development and attitude.
  • Arts: The teachers in this class help students challenge perceptions and develop creative and analytical skills. The subject stimulates young imaginations through various disciplines offered in the MYP programme.
  • Design: The students in this class use design thinking skills by purposeful use of technology aiming to investigate problems, designing solutions and analyzing their work and the world around them.
  • Physical and Health Education: As health plays a significant role in the total development of students, the department empowers students to take care of their personal health by stimulating the mind, body and spirit.

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This electronic assessment is a reliable, globally consistent and highly innovative assessment model that helps achieve greater student outcomes provides greater quality assurance and earns an internationally-recognized certificate. At the end of middle years students write an on- screen examination of subjects (Language and literature, Math, Sciences, Individuals and societies and Interdisciplinary), and submit two e-portfolio of course work and a compulsory personal project as part of their e–Assessment.

What e Assessments will students take part in?

Students will sit online examinations for:

  • Mathematics (Standard)
  • Language and Literature
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Sciences [Physics, Chemistry, Biology]
  • Interdisciplinary Learning (allows students to make connections between different areas of knowledge.)

Students will submit an e-Portfolio for:

  • Language Acquisition
  • Visual Arts/ Drama/ Design/ Physical & Health Education
  • Personal Project