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It is our motto to embrace freedom of thought by not accepting a single mindset or dogmatic view of the world and to learn from the difference between people and point of views.

Lancers International School is one of the leading schools in Gurgaon. We celebrate values and nurtures diversity in race, culture, religion, gender, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths. Our students are mostly polyglots and cosmopolitan, who are better able to understand, respect and learn from other cultures, races and religions. We are the only school in Gurgaon with its student body representing 45 nationalities. We strive to create a safe environment without judgment, where students appreciate all others as contributing members of the global community. We’ve committed ourselves to build diversity as a core value of our school, thereby allowing our students to be more accepting and respectful of other cultures and communities. Here, one can witness great cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of an international community, where a difference is a source of learning and not conflict.


students from 45 countries

Student voice

Lakshya Malhotra

Class of 2023

Lancers offer unparalleled, imaginative, and extraterrestrial learning opportunities that grow individuals as holistic global citizens driven towards crafting a more equitable world. I have certainly pushed my boundaries at this campus and achieved a higher intellectual and physical state: all thanks to the school's resources and staff. This is where dreams are made and I am now armed to chase mine.

Agastyaa Vishwanath

Class of 2023

Lancers has always approached the diploma programme with a great degree of subtlety and intentionality, that ensures that each facet of the curriculum is properly communicated to and appreciated by the students. However, what I feel truly makes the DP curriculum at lacers special is the quality and devotion of the teachers, who are not only incredibly talented and experienced educators, but who also genuinely care about the success of each student, and go above and beyond in the service of their learning. As someone who has studied in this school for over 12 years, I can confidently say that Lancers has played a substantial role in shaping who I am today, and my time studying the DP has taught me valuable lessons that I expect I will be applying for the rest of my life.

Isha Rajput

Class of 2021

Lancers International School is home to exceptional infrastructure alongwith experienced faculty that results in an enriching and supportive ecosystem for students. The learner-centric environment encourages students to exercise their autonomy and aids in fostering their academic development. At Lancers, one can be assured that every step of their rigorous journey would not be walked alone- the faculty would always be wholly present to assist and uplift the students.

Rashi Chadha

Class of 2020

The regular CIS fairs at Lancers International School got me acquainted with a number of universities all over the world. It allowed me to make a wise and calculated choice for my future studies. In addition to this, ongoing and continuous career counselling acted as a guiding force in my university admissions. I am grateful for the wisdom, requisite skills and relationships I acquired at Lancers International School as they made me successful in my university life.

Sahithi Macharla

Class of 2019

The IB and Lancers International School equipped me with a great amount of tenacity to deal with heavy workloads. This skill of mine helped me traverse challenges throughout my college experience so far. As a rising junior and a double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics at Brandeis, USA, I am grateful that I learned skills that could help me deal with stressful situations early on.


Class of 2019

Lancers really helped me in my IB Diploma years. The counsellor helped me in developing and fostering our desire to pursue higher education and careers in our favourable fields. The school provided tremendous support with college applications both national and international. They also organised many educational fests to build an understanding of our university choices and scholarship programmes. I appreciate the school's efforts towards improving learning circumstances and enhancing academic scores.

our community

At Lancers, we understand how important it is to build a strong sense of community within the school by giving every person’s opinions and thoughts their due place. As a result, our students not only feel happy about attending classes, but also have an innate sense of well-being and harmony, as they are well aware of the fact that their voices and opinions matter.

Our students get to have just as much say in the daily workings of our school as our faculty and board members do. Students from our Student Council diligently work with the school’s management team to constantly improve the school experience; whether that means checking the cafeteria menu and sharing suggestions taken from other students or taking care of student welfare and putting together interesting activities for students that are engaging and fun, the Student Council act as a strong link between our students and staff.

Moreover, this sense of community not only stays within the confines of a classroom with teachers and pupils, but also extends to parents who act as mentors and help strengthen the school unity. Both mums and dads volunteer at Lancers and help us with everyday activities and special school events; this not only gives them a chance to understand the workings of our school more deeply but also offers them an opportunity to engage with our staff and become an active member of our school community.