Welcome To Boarding

Welcome To Boarding

Boarding schools in Gurgaon, particularly, have been on a rising trend. Irrespective of national or international curriculums, the boarding schools in this city have been growing tremendously. In recent times, as per a survey, more and more children are migrating into boarding schools in India. The value and quality of education are probably one reason for this change.

Expats and NRIs, who are relocating into Gurgaon, look for international schools, favorably with boarding facilities. International boarding schools in Gurgaon especially help towards making the student culturally integrated and mentally strong to handle any obstacles life throws.

Why Enroll in a Boarding School?

It is an opportunity of a lifetime that will form and shape your life like no other experience.
As per the recent study conducted by the Art & Science Group, the leading market research firm, there are 5 main advantages of a boarding school

The promise of a better Education

More than 90% of students concluded they find boarding schools academically challenging. As per the study, boarding school students spend twice as many hours a week studying after school than their peers who are enrolled in a day school.

24/7 Learning

Due to the unique, disciplined environment provided by boarding schools, students are kept active outside the school hours. This has a direct relationship with their physical, mental and emotional growth. Boarding school students are known to participate more in extracurricular actives as compared to other students. They are known to be better communicators.

Learning to Lead

One unique aspect that each boarding student develops is that of a strong Character. A strong character holds as much importance as academics. The boarding environment in which students live away from home, among other students, among teachers and educators, – lends itself to the development of self- discipline and independent thinking. These characteristics provide them with a leading edge. More than 75% of boarding students receive leadership opportunities in life as compared to other students.

Becoming College Ready

It is common knowledge that Boarding students are higher prepared for college life than day school students. Through the unique environments of a boarding school, a student is guided with more guidance and develops greater skills. 80% of students said they were well prepared for all the non-academic aspects of life after school which included social life skills, time management, communications, and independence.

Getting Ahead in Life

By mid-career boarding school, students achieve more top management positions than day school graduated. Boarding school students are known to be more professionally accomplished, active adults.

Healthier Lifestyle

Contrary to the common perception, drugs and alcohol played a substantially lesser role in their lives. The study also found to boarding students have healthier habits.

Boarding Schools in Gurgaon Accords

Many parents wonder why they should opt to send their children to boarding school. What will my child learn and gain that he/she can’t have in his home environment? Some of the facilities that are provided in a boarding school in Gurgaon are:

  1. Teaching and inculcating qualities like punctuality. The first thing any child staying in boarding
    schools learns is to be on time and follow all the school activities.
  2. Both Academics and extracurricular activities gain equal attention and focus.
  3. They aid in growing social and personal skills to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
  4. The international boarding schools in Gurgaon such as our school is home to a wide spectrum of children of national and foreign descent. This gives children the opportunity to become aware of various customs and cultures.

These qualities only favor making your child more resilient and determined when facing the adverse situations. There is no time or age which will ever be right to let your child go out of the house. But, it is also true that any time or any age you choose to enroll your child in top international boarding schools in Gurgaon, you give him the opportunity to be the best version of him.





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