Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

The students follow a balanced schedule at the boarding school. During week days, our students begin their day at 6:00 am followed up by breakfast at 7:15 am. The meals are nutritious prepared by highly professional chefs under hygienic norms. Also, the diet chart is prepared keeping in mind the choice of students. The menu changes over time so that the students enjoy a variety of cuisines. After breakfast, students attend assembly and then head to their respective classes. Once school finishes, they return for snacks to the cafeteria and then get their presence marked for one hour of outdoor games. They come back to their dorms for a shower, followed by an hour of study time and then dinner. Post dinner they can talk to their parents and relatives and then prepare for the next day before going to bed.

Weekends are the perfect time to relax, unwind and go out for day hikes, excursions (a trip to one of Delhi’s museums, parks or even animal shelters), indoor/ outdoor sports, matches, value sessions, and a visit to the mall for shopping or to catch up on a movie.

Lancers International School makes a constant effort to give a meaningful, fun, experiential learning to the students in most effective manner possible.


MORNING: YOGA CLASSES – It’s mandatory for all students to attend yoga classes on weekends so that the students have better physical, mental and spiritual health.

AFTERNOON: RELAXATION – It is a good time for students to relax back on weekends because everyone is busy with their own specific interests and the campus environment is peaceful.

EVENING: OUTINGS AND RECUPERATION – The students leave for town visit along with their dorm parents to socialize and have coffee with friends, do essential shopping for class room activities and personal items. The school also hosts and visits surrounding schools to give sporting students a chance to represent the school in various sports such as hockey, football, table tennis and others.

Students are given pocket money by their dorm parent before an outing or when they go out shopping. This amount is deducted from the child’s contingency fund. 

Students at Lancers International School are encouraged to stay active and have at least an hour dedicated for outdoor games after school hours. A range of co-curricular activities are available for boarders including fitness, swimming, running and sports, among others.

There is a lounge area for students equipped with recreational facilities such as table tennis, pool and snooker, air hockey tables, chess and others. When it’s about daily indoor and outdoor activities, Lancers school in Gurgaon is the place where a beginner can dip their toe and try new sports and activities under the guidance of highly professional coaches. As daily exercise is beneficial for the development and wellbeing of students, each student is persuaded to be a part of the daily morning and evening exercise routine.

Students use mobile phone and laptops to stay in touch with their families and to do research for their school assignments. But like anything else, discretion is maintained and students are allowed to use their phones and laptops for a limited duration during the day.

The school has assigned a professional laundry service for students. The pick-up/ drop happens three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The students can also avail a dry cleaning service and an in-house tailoring service, depending on their needs.

All health-related appointments are handled by the Health Centre. Students are accompanied by their dorm parent and offered prompt medical assistance during times when they are feeling unwell; the medical staff are also on duty at night. We also have wheelchairs and a vehicle on standby for emergencies to take the child to the hospital. The parents, Head of Boarding and the Head of School are kept informed and sent regular updates about the health of the student.

The school medical care is open 24×7 and has fully equipped. For all medical emergencies, the school has tied-up with Max Hospital in Gurgaon, again adding to the features that help make it one of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon.