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30 Years of History

When it comes to schools in Gurgaon then the first thing that every parent want to know is when the
school was founded? Is this school good for their child? What is the study pattern and how their child
will cope up with the environment? To make all doubts clear here Lancers International School which is
considered as one of the most highly sophisticated International Baccalaureate School in Gurgaon. With
so much of precision and the expertise level that school has gathered from last 30 years that when any
expact family comes to Gurgaon they made a plan and comes for an admission.

It is one of the leading international schools in Gurgaon We celebrate values and nurtures diversity in
race, culture, religion, gender, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths. Our
students are mostly polyglots and cosmopolitan, who are better able to understand, respect and learn
from other cultures, races and religions. This is the only school in Gurgaon that represents 45
nationalities School pillars are the eye witness for many changes occurred from the day of foundation to
present time. The vibes of teacher, mentors and students make the school vivacious. The school
depends not only on the academics but also it includes other activities for the students who could act
and enjoy. A growing number of children in school in Gurgaon is one of the important and powerful key
factors of that school. By getting more number of enrollments every year this school has become one of
the finest schools in Gurgaon as of now. The school thinks beyond the expectation of parents and always
loves to support the children who want to study no matter where they are from and which nation they
belong to. The best things about the Lancers is that here you will find the best students from the
different countries and all are doing the activity at the same time and the perfect blend of student’s
thoughts and their mindset.

The school has witnessed many changes in the past 30 years from the plain land to the complete
infrastructure which looks amazing. This is surrounded by the high society clubs and sky-touching
buildings where people from the same nation or different resides. Everything is nearby the school
premises. It took many days to build the kind of reputation in the school market Lancer has at a national
level. Students study here inside the class which usually foreign or Indian teachers take. Depend upon
the need and course the student gets the teacher from across the globe. Learning in the school is
different as the mentors and teachers work on practical learning rather than theoretical learning. Here
students get the freedom to express their ideas and learn to grow mental skills along with other
students. Mentors and teachers are always there to help the students, with the technology change;
Lancer is quite adaptable with the changes.

Where other schools focus on academics this school focus on the overall development of the students.
This school is unique in the way it manages everything from academics, drama to sports and
extracurricular activities.

Mission and Values

Lancerians are people with the highest sense of responsibility; ones who strongly believe in the power of
freedom and independence. Speaking, the term Lancerian comes from warriors who led the greatest
armies and won in the name of righteousness and honour. These are the ethics that students at Lancers

International School imbibe and nurture. They learn how to stand up for what’s right, work towards
goals that raise the collective consciousness of humanity and stay motivated to seize opportunities that
make them better people and learners. Their need to deliberately plan and be goal-oriented gives them
greater impetus to succeed academically and professionally, as does their natural ability to empathize
and always look for the good in people, which together makes them wholesome, successful and secure


Nature is the best educator. It is universal, absolute and constant. We believe Lancerians will inherit its
completeness. They will be humanitarian in their approach, deft at adaption, innovative and resourceful
in times of crisis and international in their outlook, capable of carving a home for themselves in any
global grid.


The LIS Mission is to provide an environment in which all Lancerians will become lifelong learners, who
are responsible, disciplined, and ethical of the world. Lancerians are understanding and respectful
towards people of all races and cultures.

As an IB school, it aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create
a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end, the IB
organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging
programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

It is one of the leading international schools in Gurgaon We celebrate values and nurtures diversity in
race, culture, religion, gender, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths. Our
students are mostly polyglots and cosmopolitan, who are better able to understand, respect and learn
from other cultures, races and religions. This is the only school in Gurgaon that represents 45
nationalities. It creates a safe environment for the students and appreciates everyone for the
contribution as the members of the global community. Here, one can witness great cultural, linguistic
and ethnic diversity of an international community, where a difference is a source of learning and not

This school helps the students by giving the ore emphasis on the arts as it is a world of creativity. It helps
to strengthen problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Lancers think that art is act as a medium for
students to express their inner thoughts.

Here you will get a glimpse of Lancers International School foundation and is achievements.

Year 1978 – This year was the stepping stone or says the foundation bridge, into the field of education,
Century Tagore School imagines the quality standards in Delhi, that is the first private school that set up
in the locality.

Year 1979 – This year is also one of the great years when the school was established as a primary school.That time the enthusiasm of students was on the peak as they showed the level of patriotism on 15th August, 1947.

Year 1980 – 82 – The first batch passed out from the school which was a great achievement. The
students received appreciation from the community leaders for uplifting the standards of education in
the school.

Year 1983 – As per the sincere commitment which was given towards for introducing the best quality for
the education, with that the school soon gained popularity and within a few years the population of
school students grew up to 800.

Year 1984-86 – A proposal was made to establish a senior secondary school in Gurgaon and it got
approved. With all-new positive vibes and energy, there was happiness in the air.

Year 1987 – In this year the Lancers International Convent, a senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE
was founded and established. Lancers Convent was one of the best and first CBSE affiliated school to
start the operation in the year 1980s.

Year 1988 – The Annual celebration held in this year and was graced by the chief minister of Delhi. It was
so alluring and fantastic that all the students, teachers and mentors were happy to see such a great
event that day.

Year 1989 – In this year Hindi Rashtriya Sangh organized “On the Spot Poem Writing Competition” and
as a result Lancers won a prize. All mentors have greatly appreciated students for participating in the

Year 1990-92 – With the first time in history the school made a record with over 3000 students and
more than 100 teachers. With this amazing strength, the school proved its education cannot be
comprised of quality. As a result, Lancers became one of the most pleasing schools in Gurgaon.

Year 1993-95 – This year cannot be skipped from the school as School’s Eco Club was honoured with the
Indira Award, a national award which is constituted by the Centre for the Science and Environment,

Year 1996-99 – This year was awesome as the school received a State Level Citation from the Ministry of
Education for the model paper which was organized by the National Foundation of Indian Engineers,
certified by the Indian Red Cross.

Year 2000 – School made a great contribution as two students from Lancers received internships at
NASA. Also, the community members of school supported the families which were affected by the Kargil

Year 2001 – It was good to know that after 12 years students of Lancers received 3 Gold medals at after
participating at the District Level Delhi Search Meet. Also won the prize in the Radio Quiz, which was
broadcasted by All India Radio FM

Year 2002-05 – This year made a great impact on the image of the school as it received Spardhan Shree
Award by the All India Cultural Society. In the same year, Lancerians received “Young Reporters” by
Times of India. Lancer's startup Prashant Vihar opened for the community.

Year 2006 – The school was recognized and awarded by Sahitya Academy for the outstanding
performance in academics.

Year 2007-08 – This year Lancerians set a national record and set an example to other schools by
winning Gold Medal in the shot put category. This year in the basketball tournament team of Lancers
school won the state-level championship.

Year 2009 – The foundation of Lancers International School was founded (IB World School) to provide
and establish a world-class quality education facility to grow further and expand its development.

Year 2010-13 – Lancers received accreditation from Cambridge International Examination on AS level/A
level/ IGCSE. It also offered IB diploma and the Primary Years Programme to the school.

Year 2013 – It was an excellent year for the school as Paras Sharma of Lancer Convent topped all over
India with 99% in the Commerce. In the same year Lancers Start-Up, DLF 5 and Sohna Road branches
started their first academic year.

Year 2015 – In the international Olympiads students of Lancers school received 8 Gold Medals. 2 Gold
Medals in boxing, district and state/National sub-urban levels received by Lancerians.

Year 2016 – The school started offering IB MYP, making it one of the first schools offering the IB
Continuum of International Education in North India. The school was listed as a UN Chapter School.

Year 2017 – The community of Lancers continues to grow to deliver quality education to the world and
the local people. Whoever so become a part of this school will make life better.