The Lion King At Lancers International School

This year’s Early Years Production was The Lion King. All our students from Nursery to Grade 1 had the most amazing time dressing up in fun costumes and dancing in front of an audience of over 400 people. This was our eighth production; some of the earlier ones being Moana and other Disney stories. All the children were dressed in colourful animal costumes and that made them very happy.

What made the production a success was not only the fact that the students were extremely confident and comfortable on stage, but also the props designed added an authentic feel to the production. Speaking of design, our school principal and teachers came together to create a glorious and tall mountain using desks and chairs, covering it with recycled newspaper and draping it with fifty yards of silk cloth to make it appear as if a river is flowing through the rocks with tall giraffe cut-outs on the side. On the other end of the stage was the majestic Pride Rock, peppered with beautifully painted cacti. The LCD screen with The Lion King poster at the back rooted the audience into the production even more and the parents felt proud and emotional.

Shares Mrs. Sana, one of the parents, about one of our teachers, “At the outset, please let me congratulate you for making such a great dance performance possible by KG-B. It’s only and only your hard work and devotion that made this possible… considering that some kids didn’t even remember the steps until one day before! Had you not motivated them and channelised their energy into a positive way, then this would have never been made possible. I loved Alina’s performance and the Grace with which she danced. Adored it completely. I am not saying this just because I am her mum but also because she portrayed great courage to put up a great show even though she had a nose bleed early this morning. We all love you and admire you and want to thank you for making our kids the best.”

Says Mr. Sameer, another proud parent about one of the teachers, “We would like to thank you for arranging such a wonderful show and for giving our son the opportunity to star in this drama. Yes, he was over the moon! As parents, we enjoyed every minute of it and enjoyed performances of every child. Thank you again for everything. You have indeed made a big impact on Sayhan over the past few months, which is evident from his constant joy in attending school on a daily basis.”

Shares Mr. Justin, yet another happy parent about the performance, “I am writing to say that we loved The Lion King and we think that you, the staff and the kids did an excellent job! This show was fantastic for the kids age range and I couldn’t have been more proud of (especially my Pumba). Thank you very much for all of your efforts, I know this was no small feat to pull off.”