27th October – 29th October 2021 9th Inter-School Festival

This year’s theme is “Rising Through Adversity”. Students face difficulties in their academic lives every day as well. Difficulties that seem overwhelming at first, can be conquered with the right mindset and tons of preparation. We get beaten by the odds, but we rise again. We have to rise again. Success is defined as the accomplishment of something desired, planned, or attempted however, without a support infrastructure, it will be difficult to achieve our goals and succeed in our goals.

8th October – 9th October 2021 Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings are an important time for both parents and teachers. The classroom environment is reviewed by the teacher, along with any educational or social challenges that may arise. The parents are given an opportunity to ask questions about their child’s progress so far this year. This meeting gives families a chance to discuss strategies at home which will help support learning in school.