International Schools in Gurgaon

An Overview of International Schools in Gurgaon

An educational institution promoting an international standard of education comes under the bracket of International school. It maintains a level of an environment conducive of international quality. Students in international schools in Gurgaon study a curriculum different from that of the national one. The adopted curriculum is either IB (International Baccalaureate) or CIE (Cambridge International Examination).

Apart from children of Expats and NRIs, the top international schools in Gurgaon also caters for the staff of

  • International Businesses
  • Foreign Embassies
  • International Organizations
  • Missionary Programs

The inclusion of children of parents working in above institutions ensures schools adhere to policies of international education. More and more local Indian parents are also opting for the best international schools in Gurgaon as they offer –

  1. Better foreign education opportunities
  2. Language and manner of international school
  3. Higher future employment prospects

Types of International Schools in India

International schools in the country vary in terms of education curriculum they adopt and the type of foreign entities they cater for. From American and British to IB schools in India, all offer supreme quality of international education while keeping an eye on the quality of atmosphere as well. Different kinds of International schools are –   

American Schools 

Apart from the location of American schools, the quality of education here is also of capital nature. They are catering mainly to children of American citizens working in the foreign embassies or private sector in the country. Keeping in tune with the curriculum factored in the American cities, international education in the top international schools in India tries to be as local as possible.   

Canadian Schools 

Canadian schools in the country also ensure that the children of Canadian descent don’t face much hassle in terms of education curriculum. Top 10 International schools in Gurgaon working under Canadian school of education offers-

  • Education accreditation with Canadian Province – Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia etc.
  • Hire teachers with authentic experience in Canadian manner of teaching.
  • Make use of study material of the country Canada itself. This helps to ease the children into the new environment of Indian schools.

British Schools 

British follow an age-old adage stating ‘The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire’. This is definitely true when you consider the number of British curriculum following schools in the world. Our country is no different as we also cater to British curriculum in our top international schools in Gurgaon. The only downfall in this is that British government doesn’t provide active support or recognition to many.

IB Schools 

One education curriculum that is uniformly accepted all across the globe is International Baccalaureate. Since its inception 1968, it has only grown more and more in numbers with a steady influx of students every year. IB following International schools in Gurgaon has also been treated with gold hands, with many parents opting for this category on International education.   

Benefit International Schools in Gurgaon Accords

International school education is all pervasive including a global curriculum that aids in educating, developing and participating of the student in factors other than textbook learning. Once you enroll your child in any of the top international school, you offer an environment which helps to –

  1. Integrate with different cultures around the world.
  2. Develop personality in leaps and bound with humanitarian qualities.
  3. Learn and grow through active participation in co-curricular activities.
  4. Have a brighter future with global education and career opportunities.

Top international schools in Gurgaon education differs with each other in terms of teaching perspective and approaches for the same kind of curriculum. Although they all help to grow a student’s personality to the next level, their way of doing is different. Deciding which kind of international education you want to give your child, hence, becomes an overwhelming decision.  

As illustrated above, there are many kinds of international schools from American, Canadian to British and IB schools. However, there are some who label themselves as best International schools in Gurgaon without choosing any one disciple. They pick and choose different factors of all, to generate a global education platform catering to the international perspective. Although not all international school follow IB curriculum, the common denominator among all is to build an all-round developed personality. The individual is not just a degree holder but is also socially conscious, tolerant of other cultures and an extensive humanitarian to boot.