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Perception of IB Schools in Gurgaon

A globally acclaimed education curriculum runs across IB schools all over the world. The board was set-up by the organization called IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) with the belief that is displayed sufficiently in their mission statement. In essence, the students who enter these IB schools in Gurgaon from the age of 3 and study till 19 years of age-

Study through 4 programs in total

  • Primary Years Program (IB PYP)
  • Middle Years Program (IB MYP)
  • Diploma Program (IBDP)
  • Career-Related Program (IBCP)

To gain admission in foreign universities IB Diploma Program plays the most important role.

IBDP is a two-year diploma course that students of IB Schools in Gurgaon take in the final two years of high school.

The Curriculum of IB Schools in India

The education curriculum that IB board in the country follows is vastly different from that of national education curriculum. It consists of obligatory subjects across varied forms of learning. Another aspect that you will find at the top IB schools in Gurgaon is that special attention is paid over necessary participation in co-curricular activities. They include

  • Athletics
  • Co-curricular activities like drama, music, dance.
  • Community Service

Just like national boards, IB schools curriculum also consists of both hard and easy subjects. However, as there is a wider range, challenges within easy subjects is no less. The curriculum of the IB Diploma Program is divided into six main subjects and another 3 core elements.

Groups for Subjects in IB Schools in Gurgaon

The subjects or the course that the student chooses comes from following six groups

  1. Studies in Literature and Language
  2. Language Acquisition
  3. Individuals and Societies
  4. Experimental Sciences
  5. Mathematics and Computer Science
  6. Arts

Students appearing for the Diploma Program in the best IB schools in Gurgaon have to appear for one subject each in top 5 groups. With the sixth subject, they can either choose one from the Arts or go for another one of the other 5 groups. Six subjects further consist of

  • 3 – 4 High-Level (HL) Subjects.
  • Minimum 3 Standard-Level (SL) Subjects.

Herein, the difference between both levels lies with the depth approach. High-Level subjects are more in-depth and require top-class understanding and focus from the student.

Compulsory Components of IB Schools DP Education

Apart from the six subjects, a student at the DP level has to complete 3 core elements with careful guidance by trained supervisors.

CAS – Creative Action Service

This component basically deals with learning outside the classroom with co-curricular activities as the base. They help to develop the inner beliefs and personality of the student.

  1. Creativity – Showing your inner talent through drama or music or by keeping a balance of innovation through a short story. So long as the activity IB Schools caters for connects to the creative aspect of the child, it is considered under Creativity.
  2. Action – These kinds of activities come under the athletic category. They can include recreational sports activities like rock climbing as well.  
  3. Service – Community service as its best. The student will have to report for social service that can be a volunteer program, charity or hosting a fundraiser. They need to connect with their IB school board for same.  

The activities performed within the three categories can help to build CAS project. Although CAS is not catered for and examined formally, it aids in building qualities for other aspects of DP and life in general.    

EE – Extended Essay

Herein, students at Diploma level in IB schools in Gurgaon undergo evaluation for long essays with of 4000-word length. It might seem long at the high school level; however, for higher education in Ivy League and foreign universities, it is a norm.

TOK – Theory of Knowledge

This component encourages students of IB schools in Gurgaon, along with the world, to introspect on bigger questions. It deals with philosophical manner learning. It can, at times, lead to in-depth thinking of broad concepts like how do we know what we know or different manners of gaining knowledge. These questions cannot be graphed with factual interpretation and make you dig deep within.

This component helps the student to identify elements within their personality. At the same time, do away with any perception made about the world by others and not personally. The student further describes the learning through presentation and a long essay of at least 1600 words.   

IB Schools in Gurgaon

With over 4500 IB boards around the world, India caters for around 200 of them. To gain acceptance under the broad spectrum of IB world, schools must successfully complete the authorization process inclusive of

  • Training of teacher as per IB standard.
  • Complete and factual assessment of resources that school pools.
  • Concrete proof of the school’s belief matching with that of IB Mission Statement.

As soon as all the other formalities and above points get taken care of, the school garners the label of IB World School and has the chance of entering into best IB schools in Gurgaon. It is not necessary for a school to cater for all four IB programs. There are many that opt to orient themselves with just one program of which IB Diploma Program is most famous.

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