Lancers International School is a prominent school that advocates learning for brighter prospects at a global level. To supplement our engaging and challenging international curriculum, Lancers International School ensures students take part in a co-curricular activity for their holistic development. The school offers student clubs under the guidelines of ABLE which branches out as –

  • A – Achieve
  • B – Believe
  • L – Learn
  • E – Empower

The school aspires to make all children able to cope with life challenges at a later stage. Together, these alphabets spell out ‘ABLE’, which fits in LIS learning framework perfectly well.  

Lancers International School believes that every child is individually equipped with different skills and qualities; and with the right tools, can make a huge difference to the society. For this, a dynamic environment must be created and this is where ABLE Club at LIS come in.    

The ABLE program teaches students to solve problems through a design thinking process. The learners undergo content discovery through empathy, ideation, problem-solving and analysis. Educators at LIS believe that this module of learning makes students think beyond the usual way of getting answers or solving issues.  

Different Clubs under the ABLE Design Thinking

To pursue their interests, children can choose from any one of the clubs to be part of.


STEM club aids in encouraging scientific outcomes for day-to-day problems. Children under complete guidance demonstrate a unified front of implementing ideas through working models.

Leadership Club

This club aims to enlightening students on what it takes to be a leader. All the qualities and skills of a good leader are taught through practical projects. Moreover, children also get an insight into famous leaders of our world and the principles they follow.  Moreover, the students apply their leadership skills by organising student events, from ideation to execution and reflection.

Young Artists Club

This club has its small units dealing with different forms of arts and helping young artists.

Visual Art:  With spark to light up the paper with abstract, mindful and landscape visual delights, this club allows children to colour up the school walls with their inherent passion.

Western Choir & Indian Music: Another form of art is through the soulful vocals of our students of choir club. They not only present events in a musical manner but also learn about different elements of music and their relevant instruments.

Dance and Drama: We all know that art is about expressing ones emotion through different modes. Dance and drama are the two creative means of expressing the innermost feelings of our students.


Managing the given resources and doing a profitable business while being sensitive to ones surrounding makes for a great entrepreneurship session. Children not only learn more about how the economy functions but they also learn to manage the financial aspect effectively.

Media and Technology

One club that has gained an interest in the whole country is the media and technology club. Probably the trendiest in the current atmosphere this club takes students through the nuances of what makes a great media strategy and use the latest technology for better personal inspiration.

Public Speaking

One key element of any public speaking event is confidence. Children learn how to handle different kinds of public speaking acts like impromptu speaking, debates, famous speeches, and sharing of their personal journeys on an open platform. Students as young as Grade 1 gain confidence to go up on a stage and address an audience with their head held high.

Students are ABLE

The ABLE Clubs at Lancers International School foster learning not usually offered in a traditional classroom setting.  The aim of ABLE is to bring the real world into the classroom where children get to do things with children from different age groups, explore pertinent issues, propose solutions and solve problems usually faced by adults outside of school, in a safe, caring and fun way.  

Children participating in the ABLE are assessed based on their creativity or out-of-the-box thinking, involvement in ideation and project execution.   These skills are necessary in the 21st Century.

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