Creative thinking is very essential for the overall development of a child. It helps the students improve their problem-solving skills. The international schools in Gurgaon place a lot of emphasis on contributing to the creative building exercises of the students. A creative mind is not bound by concrete structures. When the child is creatively active, it helps them use the information learned in the classroom for better practical application. 

We have all encountered various problems in our lives. Teachers can’t develop creativity in a child by dictating every possible situation. Be it educationally or in life, we are left to our imagination and critical analysis to solve the problem. 

When the child is exposed to critical thinking, it makes them look at the problem from a fresh perspective. They are better able to deal with the problems and find solutions without the help of others. The top international schools in Gurgaon aim to help children reach their creative best. Such students can look at the problem as an interesting opportunity to use their intelligence.

What is creativity?

Creativity is a process by which a person can attach a unique meaning to any information. Creativity in student life refers to their ability to look at problems or concepts differently. They can also critically examine the facts. Creative children do not attach themselves to just facts and figures. Their first attempt is to reason about the different possible solutions. They try to find the hidden meaning and application of the information using their creative process.

What are the types of developing creativity in a child?

Creativity is not bound by any rigid concept. It is the art of using facts and information to explore hidden possibilities. In student life, creativity can be explored in various fields, such as artistic creativity, functional creativity, and social creativity.

Artistic creativity

This is when the person starts exploring the creativity of the subject through various art forms. This can be done through painting, sketching, using design software, or sculpturing. Artistic creativity is one of the most common forms practiced by students on a day-to-day basis. 

Functional creativity

The second type of creativity is called functional creativity. In this case, the person uses their creative ability to find fresh solutions to a problem. The person here attempts to find alternative methods other than the facts. New in version, my mathematical theories are examples of functional creativity. 

Social Creativity

When a person uses creativity to find a solution to social problems, it is referred to as using social creativity. Think tanks and social scientists, all use their social creativity to find better solutions to problems of the common people.

Benefits of creativity in student life

International Schools in Gurgaon

International Schools in Gurgaon

A good student will use their creativity to find meaningful solutions. It helps them gain insightful attendance in the classroom environment. 

Increase in cognitive skills

The essence of creativity lies in understanding information with maturity. Successful classroom learning is not merely grasping the facts and figures. The student can critically analyze the information. They can question the norm to better understand the meaning of its existence. The International schools in Gurgaon use various exercises to help the students gain reasoning ability. 

The teaching in the classroom is a balance between theory and practice. This helps the child understand the subject by living the practical application of it. 

Creative awareness develops talent

The students in the school are regularly given time-bound assignments and projects. The projects are prepared in a manner that challenges the creativity of the child to solve them. This makes the assignments critical and interesting for the students. In the process of completing the projects, the students are exposed to their creative side. They realize their potential and the importance of creativity. 

The awareness of the child also helps in picking their likeness for a particular subject. This plays a very vital role when it comes to picking a career. 

The top International schools in Gurgaon believe in building global students. The curriculum used by the school helps the child build critical-thinking skills. The students develop a knack for looking at a problem with an open mind. This technique opens a Pandora box full of opportunities for the students.