The Top Boarding schools in Gurgaon are not just concerned about the academic learning of the students.

They instead work in close collaboration with students so as to foster creative skills in young minds.

It is a fact that very few children are born creative minds. It is a good classroom experience that induces thinking capability and creativity in the rest of the children.

Creative classrooms can transform the way students gain an education. 

The top schools in Gurgaon always have some element of creativity in classrooms.

This makes the lesson more interesting. Therefore, teachers at Lancers deliver the mix of creativity with the curriculum which makes students innovative; further encouraging them to learn new things.

Also in this world of television, mobiles and video games, they do little to stimulate creativity in students.

These devices take them to the world of pre-imagination without allowing them to think on their own.

If the students do not get encouragement to work on their creativity, they might lose it. So school is the best place to foster their talent and creativity. Lancers being one of the top schools in Gurgaon that takes initiatives to promote classroom creativity with innovative teaching strategies.

Top Schools in Gurgaon nurture creativity in students and how it benefits students:

  • Learning with Fun

Students learn faster when the classroom activities includes fun. Storytelling and play sessions help them learn without any pressure of learning.

When teachers narrate stories, students start to imagine the characters which drive their thinking world. Children are fun loving so fun with curriculum attracts them to learn various things in top schools in Gurgaon. There are some parents who promote reading from childhood.

This helps teachers in the classroom because that student becomes a good reader and a thinker when he attends school. Teachers also encourage this quality in early years itself.

Therefore, students start believing in their own creativity.

  • Encourage Curiosity

Children are very curious and keep asking questions. Instead of discouraging them to stop questioning, teachers should appreciate them so that more students speak up. 


This creates an environment of openness and student-teacher relation gets better in International school in Gurgaon. This environment nurtures a sense of wonder as students learn more and more.

  • Provides a creative space 

The school has a creative corner with play dough, clay, beads, string, glue, paint, crayons, paper and safety scissors. Students play and create things on their own.

This shows the level of creativity and interest that a child has. Learning different methods and practicing new skills engages different parts of the brain.

The corner contains some brainstorming puzzles that allow children to think and showcase their talent.

  • Open ended questions 

When students reach home after school, parents should ask them a tricky question. This gives them time to think and to be more creative with their answers.

The open-ended question method promotes independent thinking. This way they can spend some time apart from their daily monotonous routine. It might lead to classroom discussion when students come up with different answers. Instead of making it a competitive environment, teachers convert it into a collaborative environment where students appreciate their peers’ ideology.

That’s the reason Lancers International stand as one of the top schools in Gurgaon. 


Lancers International school excels in gaining child interest and maintaining it. The teachers here have a lot of innovative and creative methods which keep students entertained and educated. We strongly believe that a good teacher takes the initiative to nurture creativity and artistic skills in a student.