Nursery schools in Gurgaon staff have to be as patient as you when dealing with your 3 or 4-year-old. One of the common reasons behind this is the fascinating logic of your child. He/she uses it to describe situations to you and in his brain. Some of the fun but outrageous logic you might encounter with your child are –

  • It is common for parents to cut up food for their children like sandwich and burgers into small parts. This is to make eating a little easier for them. However, at times your toddler might not look at it in the same manner. They might create fuss saying you have ‘killed or broken’ the sandwich.
  • Nursery school in Gurgaon host fancy dress on a regular basis to keep the interest of children burning in school. However, it ends up creating an issue for you as your daughter is blossoming in fairy getup including wings and fairy wand, but is unable to fly or do magic.
  • Another common fussy situation for many parents occurs with the child wanting their favorite food. Irrespective of the fact food being out of season, your toddler wants Mango and refuses to try any other fruit.

Stubborn Reasoning of Toddlers in Best Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Toddlers can be very stuck with their ideas and difficult to reason with. They find themselves as invincible as they go around exploring everything nature has to offer. The world around enthralls your toddler and does not want to stop exploring it. They are confident of their supreme power to the level of being egocentric about it. However, this is just another way toddler’s thinking is different from that of an infant or an adult. They are in the starting stage of cognitive development and thus are fundamentally thinking in other ways than an adult. Top nursery schools in Gurgaon understand this and work accordingly in starting their learning process.

Body Image

An infant, on one hand, plays mostly with their hands and toes, wriggling around, however they don’t identify these parts as their body. On the other hand, toddlers realize that all toes and fingers are part of his/her body and thus love every part and particle.

  • For these young ones, there is not much difference accepted between intellectual or physical body. Hence, every small scratch, whether real or make-believe, have to be tended to. This is why they cry over falling down to tumbling down (in a playful manner).
  • Parents and nursery schools in Gurgaon have to understand that the little ones consider everything a wound on their precious body. In such scenarios substances like band-aids work like wonders.
  • They consider these patches as a concrete proof of getting better and thus will feel more comfortable.

The best step in such situation is to go with their thinking and apply band-aids wherever they think they are hurt. Instead of trying to reason, stock up on first aid kit and band-aids to reduce your stress and child’s tears.

Literal Sense of Words

Another aspect of the wonderful logic that toddlers have is that they take everything at face value.

  • They are not adept in understanding different shapes can still hold an equal amount of things like water or food.
  • This ability, a part of cognitive development, does not grow until later stages of the nursery schools. For example, if you offer the child a glass which is shorter than the other glass but wider, his/her logic states that the taller glass has more water.
  • Hence, it is not very smart to argue that both glasses have an equal amount of water. The toddler is not going to accept this theory and will invariably cry for taller glass.
  • To the logical mind of the young child – bigger or taller means more quantity. Thus, in top nursery schools of Gurgaon, you will find the equal shape of glasses and plates.

It is no new fact that toddlers love to imitate. It is one of the primary manners of learning for them. Thus, this is the logic behind having the same toys that others have and doing the same things all over again. Parents and nursery schools in Gurgaon child is attending need to keep a careful eye on this aspect. It is very easy for a child to learn a bad habit, but equally hard, to unlearn it.