How to Promote Life Skills for Young Students in Schools in Gurgaon

Life skills have been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.

Young children these days are getting a lot of exposure and learning from the media. Their dependence on the virtual world like social media platforms and games has increased more than earlier times. They are losing connection with the real world and with themselves, this disconnect leads them to isolation, loneliness, and stress. Subsequently, children feel inadequate and often inept to deal with their emotions and challenges of life. They may get further involved in the virtual world or adopt an addiction as coping mechanisms like gaming addiction, social media dependency, toxic relations or develop severe mental health issues like depression, social and general anxiety, even suicides.

There are certain life skills teachers should include in school curriculum in Schools in Gurgaon: 

  • Self Reflection
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills

The Benefits of Teaching Life Skills to students at a Young Age in Schools in Gurgaon 

Building life skills is essentially an exercise in helping students develop sound judgment and good habits for long-term stability, good health, and success.

How to Promote Life Skills for Young Students in Schools in Gurgaon 

Parents can take an active role in teaching life skills to children at home with projects and assignments that provide real world examples and lessons in decision making and problem solving. Life skills can be as simple as assigning household chores such as maintaining hygiene in their rooms, doing their laundry and respecting elder people to caring for a pet or volunteering in the community services. 

Besides this, parents can engage children into fun and simple-to-organize activities, like circle time with family with a educational focus that encourages them to work in large groups and also help to build social and interpersonal skills. 

Everyday Survival Skills

In addition to basic life skills like managing your wardrobe to brushing your own teeth and learning how to tie your shoes and get dressed, young children should know what to do in common situations as well as emergencies, such as:

  • How to get to and from home and school
  • Who to call in an emergency (memorise phone numbers)
  • How to safely cross the street 
  • What to do if they are bullied or witness bullying
  • How to safely use kitchen appliances and prepare basic meals
  • How to do the laundry

The Importance of Books and Reading in Best Schools in Gurgaon 

The parents should foster in their children learning habits from early years. Reading habits in children build and strengthen vocabulary and language skills thereby aiding creative thinking. Reading is therefore one of the easiest and best activities available to teach younger ones a range of new skills. Some of the many benefits of reading include:

  • Builds self-regulation 
  • Teaches empathy to children 
  • Improves concentration of young children 
  • Exposes children to diverse culture 
  • Exposes children to various perspectives

Importance of Effective Communication in Schools in Gurgaon 

One of the most important life skills for students in Schools in Gurgaon is being able to communicate effectively with others. This includes listening skills and understanding how others are communicating as well as realising how one communicates in different ways. For instance; students in Schools in Gurgaon should speak to peers, teachers and other family members in an effective way. They should be confident while speaking to others and extract knowledge from their teachers and other wise people. 

Importance of Assertiveness in Schools in Gurgaon 

This skill prepares students to stand up for themselves and other people. It gives them an opportunity to be assertive to people; to say “yes” or “no” according to the circumstances. The students who attain this skill are calm even in the face of considerable provocation. 

Life skills aim at trying to bridge the difference and enable children to get connected to their selves and their emotions. By teaching them skills like anger management, assertiveness, communication, and interpersonal skills, decision making abilities and problem-solving, creative thinking and critical thinking, self-awareness and empathy, resilience and ability to cope with emotions, etc helps them teach and apply their learning in day to day life. Being aware of your thoughts, feelings and inner body experience helps you understand yourself better.

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The top Schools in Gurgaon believes that life skills in education contributes to the overall growth of the students. Life skills education also helps in creating a strong positive powered force of citizens who in the coming future will contribute to the society. It facilitates character building and preserves the values of society.