How do the caretakers in schools in Gurgaon make children courteous and well mannered? Manners need to be taught, shown and supported by parents, teachers and other adults who have the authority over children. What are the ways to develop good habits and manners in children in schools in Gurgaon? Well, read the following tips followed by teachers and mentors in schools in Gurgaon to help children develop good habits and manners at an early age. 

Encourage Reading Books 


Reading out lessons and stories to your child from books makes a significant difference. Good literature has an effective way of inspiring children to behave in a correct manner, to follow a code of discipline, and to maintain a positive outlook in life. Also, a reading habit will be great in the long run for your child’s intellect as well.

Reward Your Child in Schools in Gurgaon

It is always a great idea to reward your children for their good behaviour. This will keep them high spirited and will help them maintain their best behaviour at all times. However, a crucial advice to note here is to avoid rewarding your child with materialistic things like chocolates or an hour of mobile phone. The teachers and mentors should find other ways to celebrate good behaviour. Make the rewards intangible – a hug, a word of appreciation, etc.

You can reward your children with good experiences. This will help them learn that happiness lies in enriching experiences rather than worldly possessions.

Harbour a Positive Environment in Schools in Gurgaon

It is only in a safe, cheerful and a secure environment that a child learns, grows and flourishes, and starts adopting good habits and manners. The teachers are advised to create a happy and comfortable environment in classrooms and try to always have an optimistic frame of mind around their kids. This technique will work as a miracle and help children develop good habits and manners at an early age.

Teach Responsibility 

Teaching your child to be responsible is the first step towards ensuring that they grow up to be caring adults. You could imbibe this trait in your child by giving them something important for safe-keeping. The teachers should ensure that the education children clean up their mess after circle and other group activities. 

Besides this, the children should be encouraged to learn and follow General Manners In and Outside Home in schools in Gurgaon:

  • The teachers should raise students in a manner that they do not make fun of anyone.
  • The students are asked to say “Excuse me” before they interrupt into somebody. 
  • When they sneeze or a cough, they are advised to simply cover their mouth with a piece of cloth. 
  • They are instructed by their teachers not to pick their nose in public. 
  • They are instructed to help adults without complaining also with a smile on their face.
  • They are instructed to say “Please” when asking for something from anyone. 
  • Say “Thank you” when receiving. 
  • Show regards for others and elders. 
  • Don’t use bad language with anyone. 
  • Ask for permission before touching or taking other’s things.
  • Return things you have borrowed from others.

During Mealtimes in Schools in Gurgaon:

  • Be polite when someone serves food.
  • Don’t reach for things at the table; ask to have them passed.
  • Use a napkin to wipe your mouth when necessary. 
  • Put away phones or video games aside during the time of meals. 
  • Close your mouth when eating and chewing.
  • Say “excuse me”, before you leave the dining table.
  • During classroom sessions in Schools in Gurgaon:
  • Help peers in their assignments and projects.
  • Talk politely to teachers and peers.
  • Follow the instructions of the class lead.
  • Listen to the teachers carefully during the lessons.

Fortunately, during admission in top schools in Gurgaon, you can be relaxed of taking a right step, as the schools in Gurgaon teaches kids how to behave politely, be gentle and maintain good behaviour. Lancers International being the one the best schools in Gurgaon teach children how to behave in various social situations. 

Students who learn the etiquettes at good schools in Gurgaon become more polite, well-rounded children. Here are some of the qualities you can expect from these school children to exhibit:

  • Greater confidence and self-esteem.
  • Empathy for others.
  • Improved manners and social skills in the classroom.
  • Pride in showing parents what they have learned at the school. 
  • Better manners in daily life outside the classroom.