Daycare schools in Gurgaon pay a lot of focus on caring and developing the skills in tiny tot in a playful manner. They offer a warm environment in which the child can flourish and grow happily. If your child is about to enter nursery school age bracket then the time has come to start teaching them how to write.

When you sit down to start writing exercise with your toddler there are numerous factors that come into play.

  • Are they ready to hold the pencil and is the posture correct for holding?
  • How enthusiastic are they to write or to even draw anything?
  • Are they showing any interest in learning about alphabets or numbers?

If answers for the above questions are positive then you should start with teaching shapes, alphabets, and numbers. However, it is imperative to remember that every child learns at a different pace. So rushing and being angry will not give any result. Have patience and connect with the top daycare school in Gurgaon to try and teach writing in some creative manner.

Innovative Manner Daycare Schools in Gurgaon Use to Teach Writing

Daycare Schools

Daycare Schools

It is possible that your preschool age child is only showing interest in drawing and coloring. However, teaching how to write involves much more than drawing random shapes and figures. In order to make your munchkin write, you and the top daycare schools in Gurgaon need to follow the steps –

  • Don’t just jump directly to alphabets and numbers. Firstly try to interest them with simple lines and shapes.
  • You can make the process entertaining by asking them to copy pattern in food items like oatmeal and cereal, on the sand with a stick etc.
  • Dry boards and chalkboards etc can be used to write and draw shapes. This manner the child can re-write in the same place again and again.
  • Teach the child at their own pace through a process.
  • If you feel your child is ready to tackle paper and pencil, then also first make them draw lines, patterns and shapes before alphabets.
  • Another interesting way you and daycare school can tackle letters is through blocks, alphabet tiles and magnets.
  • Let your kid have fun with colors while learning how to write. Give them crayons and sketch pens while tracing shapes and writing letters. You can go for washable colors to avoid any mishap due to chemicals.

You should remember that he is just starting to write. He does not need to have perfect writing. Let this be a fun project between you both.

Process Best Daycare Schools in Gurgaon Follow to Write Alphabets

The best way to teach a toddler how to write alphabets is as following

  1. Teach and define different kinds of shape like balls, coils and sticks etc.
  2. Create two broad lines and motivate the child to frame alphabets between them.
  3. Make dot pattern of the alphabets and ask the child to connect the dot in correct pattern.
  4. Form the alphabet on a surface in the child’s presence and ask them to copy you.
  5. Teach them to trace out letter by following the structure pattern you are speaking.
  6. Give different letter a name of any shape like P can be showing tongue while Q can be a cat.

Role of Daycare Schools in Gurgaon:

Daycare Schools

Daycare Schools

The school you enroll your child into plays an important role in teaching how to write and creating a foundation for future learning processes.

  • The school and parents alike should follow one letter per week process. Try to remain in tune with the school as it can be confusing for child if one letter is made through different patterns.
  • Discuss with school how different activities can be played to recognize letters. Such as you can have placards displaying letters in no set pattern. Now ask your child to identify a particular letter.
  • Teach how each letter sounds by speaking it numerous times a day. Also ask them to repeat after you.
  • Before jumping to letters and numbers, teach your toddler to make patterns of different lines and shapes.

Daycare schools in Gurgaon are meant to be fun place to spend some time while learning little by little. A perfect school with caring staff can turn the demeanor of your moody child to scribble around in no time. Thus it is important to be sure about the kind of school you choose for your toddler’s early education.