Selecting the right preschool & daycare school in Gurgaon for your toddler is a phase with anxiety. The research shows the positive impact of early education on a child’s physical, social and academic life. Parents never want this decision to be wrong. Besides, they want to be sure that your child is spending his or her day in a nurturing environment.

Typically for a parent, this phase involves a lot of research. It includes browsing the internet or speaking to other parents about their experiences at preschools in Gurgaon. Make a basic shortlist of schools in Gurgaon depending on factors such as the distance of the school from your home or the cost. Here are the top few things to consider in making that ever so important choice for your child:

# Safety and Security in Daycare School

Daycare School in Gurgaon

Daycare School in Gurgaon

Early Childhood Education is the only time when children are fear-free, curious, have excitement for play and exploration. For them, everything around belongs to them. Hence, they are vulnerable to injuries. It is not wise to cease them from their freedom of exploration due to the adult fear and possible injuries. Preschools in Gurgaon must have safety measures like door wrapping, soft cushioned skirting and vinyl flooring.

When you are sending your kid away from yourself, you must have regular updates about the activities of your child at daycare.  Daycare schools in Gurgaon must be well- guarded for the security of the children. The other aspects to look for include:

  • What are the pick-up and drop guidelines?
  • Is the school being manned by security guards? Can a visitor enter its premises without the prior appointment?
  • Do they have CCTV cameras? There have been instances where unexpected instances have occurred in schools and there were either no CCTV cameras or they weren’t operational. This, therefore, is really an unacceptable aspect in your choice of school.
  • Are background checks done for the staff?

Just as you have left no stone unturned in childproofing your home, you want to make sure that the school too has a whole lot of safety measures in place: Are fire safety measures in place? Are there enough fire extinguishers? What is the quality of the toys being used?

Remember to physically visit the schools in Gurgaon and not just rely on information over the phone. There clearly is a lot to look for yourself beyond the claim of center owners. Wouldn’t you want to check for yourself to see that if the classrooms are child proof in terms of electrical sockets? Do they have child-friendly doors and more?

# Curriculum of Daycare School

Daycare School in Gurgaon

Daycare School in Gurgaon

According to the experts, children from birth till 5 years old develop brain at a lightning-fast pace. About 90 percent of a child’s brain development occurs during this phase. Every activity, action or behavior makes an impact. Long before most children step foot into a classroom, develop language skills, cognitive skills and form the foundations for a lifetime of learning. As a parent, you would want to know whether primary schools in Gurgaon IB curriculum or an in-house curriculum. Commonly, it is a belief that early childhood just needs play and care. Do preschools in Gurgaon provide training to the teacher on curriculum methodology and educational philosophy? How often the training takes place? It isn’t enough for the school to tell you that it has a curriculum. You must ask the following questions:

  • Does the preschool focus on academic or development?
  • What is the curriculum of the school?
  • Does the curriculum contain activities that help the child develop fine and gross motor skills?
  • Within its structure does it give the child time for some freestyle play?
  • What kind of training do they give to teachers at the daycare school in Gurgaon? At what intervals?
  • Meet the school director to see how knowledgeable and passionate they are about the education process.

# Cleanliness and Hygiene Daycare School

Since young children are prone to infections, the need for cleanliness and hygiene at preschools is extremely important. It is in the place that the child spends several hours everyday.  There is nothing like being over careful. Therefore, to assess the cleanliness of the place better, parents must visit the nursery school personally. Walking through the kitchen and the washrooms of the schools in Gurgaon could be the number one test of the hygiene!

# Regular updates  

You would surely want to be known on what your child is learning in the daycare school in Gurgaon. Ensure, therefore, that you choose the best daycare school in Gurgaon that uses state-of-the-art technology to inform parents about their child’s progress in real time.  The top schools in Gurgaon ensure parents have a medium or source that enables them to interact with the school and keep them abreast with all developments.

#Teacher-student ratio

At the best preschool in Gurgaon, the ideal teacher-student ratio should not exceed 1: 8 to ensure that each child receives personalized attention. It is therefore not only important to inquire of the teacher-student ratio but to also check if it is actually being implemented. Another important factor to look at is whether the staff has gone through the background check and medical check-up.

#Parents Reviews

Above all, there is nothing like the word of a happy and satisfied parent when it comes to choosing the top preschool & daycare school in Gurgaon. It is very important to check with other parents on what their experience with the school has been. The best way for this is to go through Facebook page reviews and ratings, testimonials of the preschools in Gurgaon. This reveals a lot about first-hand experiences parents have had with the school. If you find that reviews are not enough, it indicates that parents are unhappy. You may choose to speak to fellow parents and learn about their experience with the school in Gurgaon.

# Food 

Daycare School in Gurgaon

Daycare School in Gurgaon

Children develop food habits during the early years; hence feeding healthy food can be life-altering. Having a training session on the importance of food, energy, and nutrition also helps develop an interest in eating a variety of food. This certainly ensures a healthy life in the future. As a parent, you are bound to be particular about the eating habits of your child. Sometimes it so happens that you observe children eating only a particular food or avoiding some food. However, when your child is being provided meals at the nursery schools in Gurgaon, it is important to check the following:

  • What is the quality of food being provided?
  • Is it healthy and nutritious? Is the school offering any junk food?
  • In case the child is allergic to any food, can the school cater to a personalized menu?
  • Do the teachers introduce the food that child eats?

# Team behind the daycare school

Last but definitely not the least is to inquire about the team that makes up the school. This is applicable not just for the teachers but also the founding team. It is ultimately their vision that translates into the workings of the school. You may want to check if it is a businessman who has ventured into education as just another commercial venture or is the founding team into the Preschool & Daycare world because of their passion to make a difference. Another crucial question is if it is a single daycare school in Gurgaon or a chain of schools in India. If the school has a chain then it will help improve the overall development and education experience of the child.

While you check the top schools in Gurgaon on the above factors, it is always a good idea to bring your child to the school for a visit. You will get a first-hand idea on what are the activities the child enjoys. Also, see what kind of interaction the child has with the teachers. Above everything, your research is complete; trust your instincts when it comes to the vibes you get about a particular school in Gurgaon.