What to Expect from Boarding Schools in Gurgaon ?

You have narrow down the point of joining boarding schools in Gurgaon after going through multitudes of indecisions. Visits to top boarding and local schools in the area have helped to come to this daunting decision. It is probably an understatement when we say that entering boarding school is a frightening but life-changing decision.

It is difficult for parents to come down to a decision of sending their children to boarding schools. For sending children to the best boarding schools in Gurgaon, parents have to step out of their comfort zone and visit the nearby boarding schools one by one. They should also visit local schools so that they can differentiate between both types and reach a conclusion. It is probably an understatement when we say that entering boarding school is a frightening but life-changing decision. More than parents, you, the student, have to be ready for this new experience. Even the top boarding schools in Gurgaon can’t change the fact that your life is going to change drastically. The students have to adapt and adjust themselves according to the surroundings.s.

Choice between local public schools and day boarding school in India

You are being plucked out from the known and friendly environment and set into a new challenging area. Apart from being away from family and friends, even the cost of boarding schools in Gurgaon also plays a factor. Finances of a family also help in narrowing down the decision between local school and boarding school.

The question many children and parents face is how worth is boarding schools in India? The education standard in local day learning is also of good standard.

  • In consideration with the locality, there are many day schools which offer almost the same level of education while being more cost-effective.
  • Numerous private day schools in Gurgaon along with public ones have set out highly educated students.
  • They offer to learn from competitive and experienced teachers.
  • Co-curricular activities in some private schools are given high importance as required by the international standard of education.

Expectation from Boarding Schools in Gurgaon

In case you have zeroed down on top day boarding schools in Gurgaon, there are certain aspects which you can expect as follows –


The size of classes in the boarding schools is considerably smaller in comparison with normal day schools. This helps in paying an optimum amount of attention towards every child. Moreover, the setting and structure of classroom inspire for innovative thoughts in students and equal participation on various topics.

Standard of Staff and Teachers

The staff members and school teachers of best boarding schools in India get the appointment after careful deliberation. They ensure proper training and experience is present in the resumes along with providing a special degree to them as well.

Top-notch Resources and Facilities

Facilities and resources catering by boarding schools in Gurgaon range from completely stocked with regular updates library to theater groups and communities. Students can also cultivate their interest and work on their passions in the athletic zone as well. The quality in boarding schools for these resources is very high.

High Education Standard

The standard of education in boarding schools in Gurgaon is quite high, matching with that of international standard. Students undergo development and growth which encourages them to be curious, ask questions and try to tackle the different type of challenges.

Diverse Range of Courses with Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon

The courses and subjects offered in boarding schools range from academic to field learning options with a good amount of co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to pay equal attention to their textbook learning and interests. There are some top international schools which offer the option of learning in foreign countries for a set period of time.

Career Counseling

Boarding schools also cater to a separate department for counseling on the personal front as well as for future careers. The counselors, however, have to undergo an intensive selection process to ensure proper qualification and experienced staff members are added to the boarding staff.

Independence and Responsibility with Boarding Schools

Entering into boarding schools means that the child has to become responsible for his own belongings. They have to focus on being independent for the first time in their life. Although a complete support system in form of boarding staff, school teachers and roommates is present, it is still a huge step for any child.

  • There is guidance available at every step, but, initial step and last decision are always in hands of the student.
  • Although they have strong decision making support in boarding schools, they have to decide on various aspects regarding
    • How to apportion time between different activities.
    • Extra-curricular activities to choose.
    • Courses to take for future.
  • Many children take this step as a positive indication of a bright future.
  • These qualities result in mature growth, personality development and form a base for the international standard of education.

Top Day Boarding Schools Caters for New Experiences

Once the child looks at going to boarding school as an adventure, which offers to make new experiences, it will be easier for them to accept this transition.

  • The students here try new activities which help to build new interests.
  • The children encounter new scenarios and situations that can be difficult but offer brilliant rewards.
  • Become part of a community prompting students to try new tasks and follow their passion instinctively.
  • Although it is a challenge to become friends from different cultures, it is definitely a learning experience.

Friendships build in boarding schools stays for the lifetime as all the students go through emotions in a similar fashion. Tolerance towards different opinion and mindset is another rewarding aspect of studying in boarding schools.