Choosing the right IB school for your child is a concern that will cause many parents sleepless nights. With a wide selection of schools, it can be difficult to choose the one that will help the kids reach their true potential. Choosing between boarding schools and traditional schools is the first step in finding the right place for your child. Equally important, however, is to find a board that fosters their interest in a particular subject rather than focusing on duty or discipline.

More and more parents are now realizing the benefits that come with sending their children to an international school. They have seen first-hand how these schools equip their students with knowledge of global cultures and languages, which in turn prepares them for a multicultural workforce that is becoming increasingly common. They also offer a variety of benefits, such as high-quality education, smaller class sizes, and world-class facilities. Ensure that you meet the principal and the administrative officer at the school. You should also be able to meet at least one teacher from the department where your child wants to study.

These schools have a reputation for providing the most up-to-date and advanced education in their field. Choosing the right school can make a world of difference at the end of the day. It’s important to do your research and find out which schools offer courses you’re interested in and are in an area that you like. A good school will help a child grow academically, while the perfect school will ensure that the child develops in all areas without neglecting academic growth.

As a parent of a child who is approaching the time when he or she will be starting school, there are many factors to consider. The school system plays an important role in a child’s development and can contribute to their success in life. One should consider everything from the environment and facilities to the teacher-to-student ratio before enrolling their child in any school. Here are some golden rules that will help you find the right school for your kid.

Know Your Child Well

The first thing that you will have to do is decide on the area of special educational needs in which you want your child to develop. Although your child may have a range of strengths and weaknesses, or be somewhere in between, it is important to pinpoint areas that you want to target.

A child who has dyslexia, for example, may need support with phonological awareness and ways to tackle reading and writing tasks. However, this does not necessarily mean that they need extra math support. Someone with dyspraxia may require assistance with planning their work and organizing their study schedule.

On the other hand, someone with dyslexia may also have the inability to act quickly under pressure. In this case, the student would benefit from enhanced planning skills and a clear understanding of time-management skills to help them complete tasks with greater accuracy and without undue stress.

Similarly, if your child has poor social skills, this does not mean that they will automatically have difficulty in every class. You could choose to focus on areas such as communication skills or self-confidence in social situations, or target areas like eye contact and listening skills in certain classes.

At each stage, it is important to be aware of any additional needs that your child may have to help them to cope better with whatever difficulties they face.

Every child is different and has specific needs. If the child is very dependent on parents for day-to-day activities, they must refrain from sending the child to a boarding school. Likewise, if the child takes a little longer to adjust and get hold of information it is preferred to send them to an international school. The small class size in an IB school will help the child get extra attention and time to learn. Such little factors will help the parent to decide on the type of school they need for their child.

Explore All Your Options

The second step is to start looking for schools that will best justify your child’s ability and aspirations. Grasping the finer details of every school, especially non-tuition charges, is more difficult than it seems. Parents need to be aware of certain information like the fact that all schools charge fees for books, uniforms, and transport if no such facilities are available in the locality. Also, do not forget to check whether you will be charged an extra fee for your wards to play a sport or take part in any cultural activity that is not part of the school’s curriculum.

It is worth remembering that there are maximum chances that you won’t be able to get through on all your choices in the first few days after admission. Therefore, the earlier you start looking for schools, the better. At this point, you should be able to narrow down schools based on their reputation, curriculum, approach to learning, and safety.

Extracurricular Activities in the School

Everyone who wants to pursue education with a particular goal in mind, should first, know whether they are going to be able to enroll at the right school. There is a good number of schools in India that you can pick from, but it is ultimately the choice of the parents, as to which one is going to be the most suitable for the child. Life is all about choices and education is one of those choices that every parent has to make for their children. Education might seem like a simple decision to take, but upon deeper examination and scrutiny, you will realize that this is quite a daunting task. The most important thing about education is that you have to admit that your child will grow up and get independent one day. This independence will only come if you have given them the best education possible.

IB School Curriculum 

Learn all about an IB school’s curriculum and see if it is right for your child. You will have to discuss with your child if he/she is interested in pursuing arts, sports, or both. It is always good to ask the school authorities if they have a fair chance of being accepted after the child has shown interest in their institution. Most schools allow children to try out for sports and other activities.

Learn all about the admission procedure and fee structure of the school. Inquire about the scholarship schemes if available. Education comes at a cost. As a parent, you must be in a position to bear the financial responsibility of the school of your choice.

Visit the School’s Campus

Once you have finalized your last few options, now is the time to contact the school. Fix an appointment and visit the school personally. At this step, you must meet the principal and the administrative officer of the school. Clear all your queries about the school.

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Having cleared all the checkpoints now is the time to apply for the school you feel best suits your child. At this point, involve the child in this decision. The child should be taken into confidence before opting for any school.

Every School promises to offer the best returns on your expectations. To choose the right school for your kid, be honest, filter out as many doubts as possible, and believe in your kid’s ability.

There are few things more important than the decision of your child’s education. You must choose the right IB school for your child and when you do, it could get him/her to a prestigious college or help them land a well-paying job.

You cannot afford to take chances with your child’s future. There are a lot of things that you must take into consideration like location, academic reputation, infrastructure, etc. before making any decision.