We all want the kids to prosper at nursery schools in Gurgaon. So it is essential to build a positive relationship with parents who play an important role in children’s daily lives. There are teachers that your child will love and some he might not like. There are teachers who adore your child and some teachers simply do not understand your child. In other words, a teacher is the second important person of course parents being the first in a child’s life. A parent-teacher relationship does not just happen. It is built over time through continuous communication, common goal, creative problem-solving and trust.

There are a few questions:

  • Parents, how well do you know your child’s teacher?
  • Teacher, how do you know your student’s parents?
  • Is it possible that this relationship has an effect on their learning?
  • What are some ways both teacher and parent can ensure that together they are doing what’s best for their students’/child’s academic success?
Here are some of the benefits of regular communication between parents and teachers of nursery schools:
Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

    • There is no one else who knows a child better than his own parents. All the likes, dislikes, attitude and behavior are best known to the parent. If parents share this important piece of information with the nursery teacher, they will be in a better position to bring out the best in the child. Above all, in a very short span of time.
    • Children become comfortable that parents are always in the loop about whatever happens at the nursery schools. This helps them realize that they will always have this loving and caring environment around them. Therefore, it gives a huge boost to the child’s self-esteem.
    • Parents also have several questions regarding their children. The first concern is if the child is able to adjust to the new environment. Is the child ready to be social? How easy is it for him to cope with the school activities? Therefore, meeting and discussing with teachers give them a big relief.
    • Parents play a vital role in early year education growth and development. When parents meet these nursery school teachers, they get an idea of what areas the child needs to concentrate on. Some of the top nursery schools in Gurgaon give weekly updates on the progress of their wards.
    • There are different styles of learning for every child. Some children are comfortable with words, others with pictures and videos. Discussing this with teachers, parents are well informed about the progress in various fields.
    Pillars of Nursery Schools

    Many working parents feel they don’t receive information on a regular basis or have a strong connection to the teacher. Educators at nursery schools report a sense that parents overcommit and are anxious and have unrealistic expectations. Such disconnects and misperceptions can be a problem when it comes to a healthy relationship. Therefore, parents- teachers’ relationship stands on three main pillars- Expectation, Communication and Realization.

    • Expectation

    Both parents and teachers have expectations from each other. When expectations are clearly communicated, both parents and teachers will have a better understanding of their roles in the parent-teacher relationship and it positively affects the learning of the child.

    • Communication

    Communication is a two-way process. For example, if a parent attends student’s performance, parents-teachers meeting, school activities and so on, they are considered as involved parents. It happens sometimes that the parent is unable to attend meetings because of conflicting work schedules, illness, or other family struggles or unable to volunteer because of language barriers. It may appear that parent does not take interest in his child development. Here, communication plays a vital role. Teachers would not know if there is no communication with them.

    • Realization

    It is important to support each other as both parents and teachers head in the same direction. Child’s success is the ultimate goal to focus on. Seeking to understand one another by communicating expectations is the key in having a powerful synergistic relationship. When both a child and a parent feel that the teacher is supportive and vice versa, students will have a greater advantage in their ability to be successful. It’s a win-win for everyone!