What precautions will you take as a parent while sending your children to school in Gurgaon after lock down?

We’re in the sixth week of the lockdown in India.

Some teachers and students in schools in Gurgaon have settled into a makeshift routine. They have found some calm within the chaos, other’s haven’t been so fortunate and can’t wait for schools and offices to open up again. After the lockdown is lifted, the schools in Gurgaon may resume their daily activities but life will still be far from normal. Representational image.

If you are a parent and have children?

should know that getting them back into the world, where you can’t control everything, will be harder. Research shows that COVID-19 is less likely to make children severely ill compared with adults. So, rather than panic about the day when your children return to school, focus your energy into actionable points that may ease your mind. You can ask the school management if they’re making some changes at this time. And if not, here are some changes you could suggest to them yourself:

Avoid playground activities schools in Gurgaon

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The sixth week of the lockdown in India

1. Authorities if they’ll be restricting activities like games, contact sports, assemblies, and competitions in schools in Gurgaon. Non-essential gatherings can and should be restricted until the virus is completely eradicated or there is a vaccine made available.

2. Different timing for different grades A slight change in the timings of different grades can make it easier to avoid overcrowding around the entry and exit points at the beginning and end of the day. Even an hour difference would allow students to not be exposed to too many other people. Similarly, lunch or break times can differ for different grades so they can easily avoid contact.

3. Smaller class size The authorities in schools in Gurgaon should understand the situation of the country and keep the class size to be 10-12 students. If 10-12 students will study in a large class, the chances of catching the virus would be less. Besides this, a distance of atlas 1 meter must be maintained between students which means desks need to arranged that as well.

4. Constant classes If the class size is generally big, you can inquire if will be made smaller given the situation. A distance of at least 1 meter must be maintained between students which means desks need to arranged that way as well. The school should also ensure that there are minimum or no breaks to avoid too much mingling during this time.

5. Hygiene facilities Hand soap, clean water, alcohol-based mini sanitizers and tissue papers should be available in the school bathrooms. Also, ensure that the school is disinfecting the entire area before opening up again.

To be on the safe side, ask your child to carry their own soap, a small pack of tissues and maybe even sanitizing wipes in schools in Gurgaon. Here are a few conversations to have with your child that could help ease your worry as well as their anxiety:

1. Hygiene practices  Assure them that if they practise good hygiene, they will be safe. Go over all the times they should wash their hands. Be it before and after eating, after going to the toilet or if they touch
shared surfaces such as the railing and door handles. Even if they’re excited to see their friends, they should avoid physical contact with them for now. Ask them to wear a face mask if they travel by school bus or anytime they’re around a lot of children during break time. It is advised that they cover their face mask correctly. So, parents should make them show how to do it at home.

2. Social distancing  It is notorious for children to be in Bes international schools in Gurgaon. The teachers can expect some kids to disregard the necessary measures when they aren’t being watched. Your child should know not to be influenced by such behavior and still maintain social distance and hygiene – whether others are doing it or not.

3. Tell them not to share anything – have water from their own bottle and lunch from their own box or plate.

4. Ask them to share their feelings The situation might scare children even when the schools reopen. Ask them how they are feeling and let them ask you as many questions as they like. Answer their questions to the best of your ability and if there is something you don’t know, be honest about that as well. It’s normal to be a little anxious but if they seem to be too affected and you’re not being able to help them manage it, try getting them to talk to a counselor or child therapist.