High-Quality, child-centered nursery schools in Gurgaon provide the foundation for a child to be successful throughout their school years. Nursery school is the best option for the education of young children to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. Children at tender age continuously challenge the boundaries we set. Children need to know what parents and teachers expect from them to behave properly. That’s the reason many parents do not enforce limits and question if it is really worth.

The community of nursery schools in Gurgaon suggests that rules are important for kids to flourish. Structure and rules at nursery schools make child nurturing easy.  Moreover, it is helpful to involve children in setting some basic rules.

Sometimes, parents do not set time or space to do homework. Kids never learn how to sit themselves to finish an unpleasant task. There are kids who don’t develop basic self-care routines whether it is grooming or eating. Such kids may find it hard to take care of themselves as young adults. Structure and rules allow these kids to internalize constructive habits.

How to set limits?

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Parents and teachers must set limits and give clear directions to kids going to nursery schools. Providing reasons for the directions you give help children accept limits without becoming defensive. Here is how parents and caretakers set limit in a positive manner.


Kind of limitLimit stated negativelyLimit stated positively with reasons
Protection from physical harmDon’t go outside the gate.Stay in the yard. The street is too busy and you might get hurt.
Stop poking at your sister.Be gentle with your baby sister. She is too small for rough play.
Looking after thingsDon’t leave your toys lying around.Pack up now and put your toys away on the shelf so we can be ready to go out.
Don’t do that here.Take the ball outside if you want to play with it. Something might get broken if you play with it inside.
Showing respect and care for othersStop being mean to him.You need to play in a friendly way. Make sure the child has a turn too.
Don’t take her things.Be sure to ask first before you borrow something from your friend. You would want her to ask before taking your things.

Reasons why nursery schools need to set rules

  • Nursery school rules prepare kids for the real world. This will help him understand the right behavior. He will know the consequences if he doesn’t follow the rules.
  • They teach kids how to socialize. It is essential to learn some basic etiquettes like saying “please”, “thank you” or “sorry”. Parents must ask kids to use polite words even at home. As a result, a child learns the right way to get what he wants.
  • These rules make them confident. Little children take great pride when they are successful in achieving a simple task. It gives them a sense of independence and ability to handle responsibility.
  • Some rules keep the child safe, especially at nursery schools. There are a few laws which are designed to protect kids. This includes staying inside the school premises, no lighting matchstick, no playing with sharp tools like a knife, etc.

Set limits effectively

Teachers at nursery schools do not get angry or threaten kids to get them to follow the instructions. Getting angry destroys the relationship between teacher-student or parent-kids. Teachers and parents must give specific instructions which give clarity to students. Give them a notice before time to avoid conflicts.

The routine at home and school must be consistent like bedtime, mealtime, prayer time and homework time. Therefore the kids do not any confusion. When setting rules and limits, be sure they are reasonable. Remember to set a good example by following the rules yourself!

Above all, parents and teachers must appreciation, praise and encourage when kids meet the expectations. Gradually, over time, kids develop a routine for every activity that works for both, school and home.