Nursery schools in Gurgaon have given most parents an advantage by providing preschool programs. Majority of the parents are becoming aware of the benefits of nursery school education. However, there are parents who feel guilty about leaving their kids at nursery schools.

There are nursery schools in Gurgaon that operate only for 3 or 4 hours a day. So even if a child attends a nursery school he will still have a lot of time to be with his parents. In other words, the nursery school will have no real impact on bonding with the parents.

Nursery Schools

Nursery Schools

Therefore, we have reasons you must send your child to nursery schools in Gurgaon.

  • Skill development

The age between 3 to 5 years is very crucial for the development of a child. This is the time to expose them to the world outside the home. The child gets a chance to play in groups and one-to-one. This will help them to gain confidence and social skills. Nursery schools in Gurgaon encourage both indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore, the child remains active throughout.

A child develops muscle control, coordination and balance through play and physical activities. So the kids have a clear edge over those who start late.

  • Nursery schools prepare child for school

Children who attend nursery school get an idea of how to behave and what future schools expect out of them. Also, kids adapt easily to such a learning environment. Nursery schools teach the basic etiquettes like washing hands before and after meal, prayer times, no littering, etc. Therefore, a child is ready for school.

  • Children develop social and communication skills

Children at a tender age are eager to engage with their peers. Nursery schools provide facilities where kids learn to live with other kids and make new friends. In this competitive world, this is one of the most important skills.

  • Kids learn to make choices and be independent

Kids get exposure to independent life, although they have school staff always around them. They learn to make decisions like when to visit washroom, what to make with clay, which toy they want to play with and eat when they are hungry. They get guidance to make the right choices at nursery school.

  • Nurturing talent

The experts and educators at nursery schools are experienced so they identify the talent very quickly. Kids with talent express themselves better when they get a platform and nursery school is that platform. Also, they learn from other students who present their talent.

  • Promote physical growth

It is mandatory that all nursery schools in Gurgaon have ample physical activities facilities for kids. In fact, kids spend a better time playing and learn faster. The staff makes sure kids play and teachers at school plan games for kids to make sense and improve them both physically and mentally.


Therefore, the nursery schools in Gurgaon will give all the above benefits and make your kids lifelong learners. So, take a look at the overall quality of the environment, staff, learning and activities which a nursery school in Gurgaon offers.

If you are still anxious about sending your child to nursery school you can also speak to other parents and make a visit to the nursery school.