The International Baccalaureate or IB school in India has recently gained popularity; it offers a two-year IB Diploma Program . The program is open to students that fall under the age group of 16 to 19 years. Students that complete the IB program and fulfill its requirements receive a diploma from their respective IB schools in Gurgaon India. 

When a student attains a diploma from a reputable IB school in India he frequently noticed for college applications and other professional courses. Students that opt to study on different patterns, courses, and examinations have their subjects divided into six areas, under the IB diploma program. Students can enroll in the IB diploma subjects which are standard level subjects or advanced courses. They can also appear in the entrance exams of the top universities and colleges around the world. 

How IB diploma benefits the future of your children? 

Receiving an IB diploma from a renowned IB school in India increases the credibility of a student to not only cleared the advanced IB diploma subjects but also have the power of critical thinking. It shows that students are prepared to evaluate and understand the information and beautifully will apply in their future. 

Mentioned below are the benefits of getting the IB diploma: 

Higher Rate of Acceptance – Due to the dynamic and peaceful environment students in IB school develop the mindset of clearing the exams at the top universities around the globe. In lancers, students learn new concepts, new games, new learning methods and work on new ideas so that they prepare themselves for higher studies. Students with two year IB diploma program have a higher rate of acceptance in good rank colleges and universities anywhere in the world. A good percentage of grades in exams results in higher acceptance. 

Increased Scholarship Opportunities – IB students from the beginning start participating in the quiz, co-curricular activities and develop the skills so that they can go for higher studies in the future. This IB school provides the learning method in such a way that it develops the mental ability of students due to which they perform well in exams and as they pass out from IB school in India increases the chance of getting the scholarship based on the merit and extracurricular activities. 

Interdisciplinary Teaching – The teaching process in Lancers is amazing, the teachers who are here are well educated. Few of them are from different nations that create an environment of the school cool and provide an international vibe too. Teachers with knowledge of more than one subject create an interdisciplinary environment. Combining a study of more than two subjects in one activity leads to interdisciplinary teaching. Lancers follow this teaching method where students find the class more interactive and energetic. 

Lifelong Learning – Lifelong learning is ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated learning, to give the knowledge personally and professionally. This type of learning enhances the mental ability to understand the world around us, provide us with more number of opportunities, and improve the quality of life. One can nurture life in two ways: one is personal development and the other one is professional development. A student can apply such learning in his life personally as well as professionally. On a personal level, he can apply regularity, punctuality, self-respect, generosity, regular exercise to remain fit while professionally he can apply the right tone while communicating with seniors, right attitude towards work, decision making, work culture, and deliver the work before deadline, focused mind and much more. 

Teacher Development – School performs better when the teacher developed the ocean of knowledge with the regular practice and the kind of exposure they get inside the campus. Regular teaching allows the teacher to experiment with the new methods of learning by which students grow their mental health. Interaction with students from different nations helps the teacher to gain confidence. The teacher or the guru is the knowledge key for the students, if the students cooperate with the teachers then they can excel more and more. So it is like one on one student via teachers and teachers via students. Study and co-curricular activities both are responsible for teacher development.  

Risk-takers – No one is perfect in this world; if you are wrong then you should accept things accordingly. To learn something new it is better to remain silent than to speak wrong. Taking risk of learning something new always gives positive results depends on how quickly you will learn. Lancers provide multi-cultural activity environment where a student can learn as per the knowledge provided by the coaches, faculty, teachers and experts. The exchange of academic information helps to attain better results. It’s good to take risks while learning something new and there are so many things that Lancers provide to students from India and different nations.   

Knowledgeable Students who study in IB school are more intelligent as they get a peaceful environment to concentrate on their studies that are within the campus and inside the class. With the help of teachers carrying different nationalities, students learn and experience new things. With the two year IB diploma program, students choose subject as per their choice from which they prepare and qualify. Once get qualify they can appear at the top university exams around the world. Also, from the academic quiz and various assessments student’s knowledge always improves. Inter-debate quiz competition, on spot poem writing competition, and other academic competitions help the students to grow mentally, socially, and physically.  

Liberal Minded The students of an IB school are always taught to have extraordinary skills and should remain liberal-minded in real-lifetime scenarios. Whenever the situation arises either personally or professionally a student should know how to react and deal with the problem. The students of IB school are open-minded who welcome new changes to explore and learn new concepts. The new techniques of studying, teaching methods in sports, rules, and regulations to apply in life, discipline, regularity, punctuality, and interdisciplinary teaching helps to grow students mentally stable and sharp. 

Writer – Sudhakar