Education has always become important with the concept that how much marks are scored by the student in the exams. No one is bothered about the children mindset whether they have understood the subjects or not. Their only concern is the grade, even the children mindset changes due to a lot of pressure and the least concern from their mentors. They have started appearing in exams for scoring good grades either by hook or by crook. No one even cares about how much mental pressure and stress these students go through. 

The students only get concerned with the completion of the syllabus and get excellent scores. But this picture has been changed by IB Board schools because the learning is more important for a child and how a child can get involved in the studies more so that he/she could get the maximum concentration on what he/she is learning. It is found after several types of research in the teaching sector the main motto of teaching is to complete the syllabus and not to give attention to the students who are not able to understand the concept. These students are not able to perform as per the expectations due to the concept which is not so clear. It becomes difficult for the brain to preserve that information for a longer period. That’s why the best day boarding school in Gurgaon has now started focusing on personal learning. 

Make sure that if you are going to enroll your child in a IB Board school  then you should motivate your child in such a way that it does not play freely, time is spent on doing various projects that offer your child to learn according to the pace. It enhances the chances of independent learning among them. So if you are going to choose the school then be alert as you are responsible to make the future of a child. As the children are small so they don’t understand what is good for them and what is not so it becomes easier for teachers to mold them as per their convenience. If a child is active and curious to explore and learn new things then the future life of him/her is strong and independent. 

Independent learning is always helpful as it gives the self-confidence to make the wise decisions of their lives calmly. He or she can face the problems and situations in their lives with patience and confidence. The behavior of a child decides whether he wants independence or he wants support from parents. The skills which a child carries along with him from the beginning ensure that he/she will become a successful person in a professional as well as in personal life. Daycare boarding schools in Gurgaon focus on enhancing the self-dependent skills in their students.

Every child learns at a different pace so it becomes a responsibility that they should be offered an equal opportunity and time because these become the motivational factors for becoming an independent learner.

To motivate their students and to develop a habit of independent learning in them the best day boarding school in Gurgaon follows the below-mentioned points.

  1. Students should know their goals of learning 

The children have their learning capacities and the ways through which they desire to learn. The best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon permits their students to decide what their learning goals are and when they get to know then they can take the support of their teachers to know them better.  

  1. Students are permitted to supervise their goals 

The teachers of the best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon help the students to supervise or monitor once they have decided their learning goals. The best way to help the students is to monitor their learning goals, the teachers provide self-assessment tests to students through which they can understand how much students have able to grasp. If the students are unable to perform well in the test they are asked again to revise their context and reassessment is taken.

  1. Introduction of the flip classroom 

The best day boarding school in Gurgaon has introduced the concept of the flip classroom to motivate their students for self-paced learning. This new concept of the classroom means that both the teacher and the students are involved in the teaching and learning process. The students are asked to do thorough research on a particular topic that has to be taught in the class and the students have to explain it to their classmates. The teacher’s duties transform from teaching to becoming a facilitator, which means the teacher only looks after the class and makes sure that everything is happening in the correct form. 

  1. Group Discussion plays a vital role 

Group discussion may be known as the best method to judge the knowledge and the mindset about the topics by the students. So the top-ranked daycare boarding school in Gurgaon conducts group discussion classes frequently in their daily routine. The teacher acts as the moderator and the students discuss any topic in class. So in this way, the students learn news things related to the topic and also share their known information with their social group at the same time. 

  1. Mentor students on self-assessment 

Students get support from the teachers to prepare their self- assessment tests through which they learn in detail as per the topic and after this these students prepare the tests. While making the self-assessment tests they become clearer about the topics and the subjects.


Lancers International School is one of the best day boarding schools in Gurgaon that promotes holistic development (socially, mentally, and emotionally) of its students wherein independent learning plays a vital role in it. Individuals with self-paced learning strategy and independent learners are the ones that become successful in their future endeavors so if you desire to make your child one of the brightest stars in his/her life then it’s best to enroll your child in the best daycare boarding schools in Gurgaon.