When it comes to exploring education then one should know about its learning method. The child when takes step towards schools in Gurgaon then he should understand the importance of learning. Learning is important for our existence. Just as the body needs nourishment to survive and grow in the same way mind needs learning and continued learning. Nowadays learning has become important for everyone. This learning has formed a continuous path for enlighten the critical thinking skills and discover the new ways that relate to people from different cultures.  

Flexible Learning – Beautiful method to observe, learn as in this mode teaching and learning are unchained from the limited time, place and the speed of study. 

It is a teaching-learning platform that enables the students to enroll and participate in different courses. It does not require any physical location to attend the class or such a course. Students can go live in sessions as long as they are connected to the internet.  

Students normally learn and understand in school or online smartly but their pace of getting the information and fuel up to their mind differentiate one to another. So keeping in mind flexible online learning are formed in a group where the learners will receive the advanced instruction. It is a data-driven practice, where one can utilize the data that that is already one has in his hand and to meet the needs required for the development learners regroup again. 

Inflexible grouping all learners push themselves towards the same goal, as the learning needs of learners vary from one to another. As the task and the activity are different so to show their skills and what they have learned may look dissimilar for each group. 

Emotions Affect Learning 

Emotions play a vital role in individual learning, it influences student with a process that includes insight, attention, memory, learning, problem solving and reasoning. It influences a person accordingly and makes one feel confident with a motivation factor and behaviour. 

Flexible learning program

Some of the schools in Gurgaon work on FLP process that is one of the alternative academic interventions that is required for the schools which are on a prior model. The main objective of such a program is to make give the importance to those schools which do not perform well. It may include tuition and other educational practices to increase academic performance.

Benefits for Students 

This type of learning is not limited and the students are not pigeon hold. Flexible grouping allows the students to regroup for a particular area as it is beneficial for the students who learn and think differently than others who do not find any challenge. For example, if any student finds difficulty in reading but not with another subject then he can be grouped with other learners who have similar reading support needs. 

schools in gurgaon

schools in gurgaon

Students get recognition and they contribute to the group with the skills they learned, the talent they have and the life experience they faced. In this group, students see that everyone adds value to the community based on learning new things. 

It helps to identify the students who are creative and understands the teaching philosophy of identifying them and their values while using it to create a learner-centred instruction. Students learn the skill which is taught that is Leadership skills.

It develops a sense of ownership, with these students become responsible for their leaning. Through these students tends to develop the skills that will help them in future while organizing any task independently where people rely upon others for their work. 

Flexible grouping helps in building communication skills better. The one who fears to speak or to interact with the classmates in English then his hesitation starts going away by regular practice and interpersonal language. This also helps in arranging the same-language peers in a group so they could discuss each and everything related to the studies before starting the conversation in English and sharing ideas. 

Benefits for Educators

They create a team-oriented atmosphere, tries to build a culture full of positive vibes in the class. Due to the constant learning, more practice and knowledge which a student possesses as compared to the others in the room can work independently instead of relying upon teachers. 

Flexible grouping provides a way to practice academic skills. It provides more support without having to find the time or change your daily schedule to pull students aside. In small groups, you can give students practice openings at their instructional level and expanded criticism.

Since the group depends upon the data, so it provides an opportunity for the data collection. When students are working in groups, then the observational data and formalized data can be collected. For more understanding and the clear path, you have a right to ask the students to take pictures of their work at the beginning, middle, and end of the lesson. 

The details will help you make immediate adjustments to your directions at the moment. It also allows you to tailor your future preparation, and the next day mixing up your groups. You are arranging the learners for the study of learning vowel sounds and there you find out that some are good while some are not able to pronounce /a/ or /i/. 

With this, you can target your orders by implementing the same types of groups based on the tricky vowel. At the same time, new learners are there to explore the journey of learning where the new academic skills are waiting for them. For different skills, different groups make the presence such as for learning one skill where the group is not strong but active in another skill so they can change and ask each other for that. With the help of interchange conversation, a dynamic environment can be created that avoids any kind of discrepancy thread being pulled aside for such groups. 

With this flexible learning mode, it becomes easier to schedule the classes as per the suitability of the time. It offers the enhanced personalization of degree programs. More number of options is there for learning and to shape the career. It not only develops the confidence but also improved the learning experience.   

Classroom learning time reduces by this method and also replaces some of the instructional videos for self-study with the help of an e-learning environment. 

Benefits of Online Flexible Learning 

When it comes to comparison with the traditional method then online method wins in that race. These benefits count to hold for any student meanwhile the benefits are beneficial for professionals who would like to continue their jobs while taking such course online.     

online learning in schools in gurgaon

online learning in schools in gurgaon

  • Various Programs and Courses 

If students are interested to learn something new then they can search accordingly on the internet and apply for a degree online. They are not limited to the geographical location they can attain what they want to.

  • Decrease Total Costs 

If it compares to traditional colleges than online programs are more affordable. The charges for the online tuition are not so less and also the relate expenses. “For example, there are no commuting costs, and sometimes required course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost. Free online courses can help students fulfil general education requirements. 

  • The more comfortable learning environment

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to attend your classes in formals only and not in the dress you are. You can attend it as you going to listen to the lectures, so just grab a cup of tea or coffee and attend the class by sitting in your favourite chair. There is no such wooden table required. 

  • Suitability and Flexibility 

Online students can plan the study time for the remaining hours of the day, instead of finishes their study at that time. You can work at your convenience which makes adjusting work and family responsibilities with your schooling conceivable. 

  • More collaboration and more prominent capacity to focus 

While not valid for each understudy, contemplates proposing that timid students partake in online class conversations more effectively than up close and personal. A few understudies additionally report better focus in online classes because of the absence of study hall interruptions. 

  • Career progression

Online courses position students for professional success even while they are working, between occupations, or setting aside an effort to raise a family. This scholastic work will clarify any irregularity or holes in a resume too. Acquiring a degree likewise shows planned managers that you are driven and inspired. 

  • Continue in your calling 

Numerous students today start as regular students yet find that they should attempt to stand to proceed with school. Online courses permit these students to proceed in their positions while likewise seeking after educational accreditations. 

  • Avoid driving 

Rather than driving an hour to class through blizzards and rainstorms, at that point battling to discover a parking space, online students walk around the PC and turn it on. In addition to the fact that this saves time and bother, numerous online understudies likewise find generous reserve funds on fuel costs, also mileage on their vehicle. 

  • Improve your specialized abilities

Indeed, even the most fundamental online course requires the improvement of new PC abilities as understudies figure out how to explore distinctive learning the board frameworks and projects. Moreover, the cooperation aptitudes understudies learn inside their online courses mean numerous callings. Models incorporate making and sharing records, joining sound/video materials into tasks, and finishing web-based instructional meetings. 

  • Transfer credits 

The capacity to move credits can be incredibly useful in a wide range of conditions. Understudies, for instance, might need to go to summer classes from their actual school while making the most of their late spring get-away or doing occasional positions at home. They can take a course on the web and move the credits. Or then again, whenever wanted courses at their ordinary school are full, they can take the courses online for credit.

Online Learning is more effective 

Students can fit as per the changing environment nowadays, by engaging themselves into multimedia content and the time which is most convenient to them. It’s far better that students don’t need to travel to any place to study; they can simply log in and make themselves comfortable. 

Online learning is much cheaper as compare to physical education as it saves fuel, transportation costs, time and energy. Sometimes cost matters when any student enrolls in schools in Gurgaon but for the future of it, parents support their child. 

Also, those who are in the corporate world they need further training to enhance the particular skill as it will not only give them self confidence but trained them like professionals to handle the situations. Online learning helps to update the skills, knowledge and attitudes. 

Online courses or classes give students full control over their learning so that they can understand and match up the pace. Virtual classes help the students to attain the goals timely and make their understanding better as compare the traditional method. Nowadays as the school has been closed and no one knows that when they will get open so students are attending classes from home and this is also safe. 

Online Learning Improves Professional Life 

It improves the way of learning and provides productivity for future goals. If someone attends the training from the online courses then he can experience a lot of things that how and what to do to attain a good earning life. Also, he can improve a better standard of living, while learning some new skills to enhance life. Better standard gains respect among relatives, friends and in society. 

Better understanding leads to good communication of skills. The more you are clear in expressing your thoughts good number of opportunities will work for you. Self-confidence is the most important thing and that can only be developed while interacting with other students and teachers of school during the session or listening to something very carefully.  

Online Learning Has Become Centre of Attraction

Due to pandemic, all classrooms have now converted to the virtual classroom. E-learning is now no more the concept of googling the questions the teachers of schools have become active on social media platforms where they come to live and even upload a video related to a particular topic. Even they try something new proving the class on a flipped, blended model so that the students of the school who are unaware get curios to ask the questions from teachers and resolve the query on the same day. 

By providing the quality study to the number of students of the school a teacher can make a student career better. Privacy, data collection, result reports, social learning and many other vary online and offline. Here the one thing is different from the other but yes if they are designed to work together then it will help all the children of the school. Though it is not possible on every day the usage of technology and the learning experience can be improved. 

Teaching has changed drastically in the past ten years

Imagine how would this world look like without teachers? Not good and even the world without education. So it is important that teachers provide the education and helps to raise the living standard of the people. 

schools in gurgaon

schools in gurgaon

Teachers are the mediator between the world of knowledge and a class full of students. Both knowledge and culture are dynamic, which makes the teaching significantly important for the students of the school. They are the connecting bridge from a knowledge path to make aware the students who are unaware of the basic learning skills. 

Teachers are leading everywhere

Past days are gone where teachers have limitations to teach a student in the class, but nowadays the teachers are pretty active on all the social media platforms. They listen, reply to the messages arrives in their box, and even comment on any video shared by the student. 

More Usage of Apps 

As technology is increasing day by day more number of application are also increasing. In the past ten years, the education world has completely changed with compare to today what it seems; due to the educational applications, children are taking interest in studies more. 

Students & teachers are always connected 

Teachers and students are always in touch like they have numbers of teachers and teachers have student’s number. So no need to worry at all. Teachers are expected to learn, plan, publish, share, and collaborate endlessly with other teachers, and then support their students to do the same with their peers. As each student’s learning and the understanding pace is different from others, so teachers are available at one call or a message just after to guide them and to make them understand better. 

Digital games are useful for learning

What do you think that online games are helpful for students? Yes, they are helpful as they develop the mind of the students appropriately. Through the online games students feel the confidence to handle the situations and due to which the concentration increases which help them to score well in exams and academics. 

Due to pandemic, the importance of online learning has been increased; students and parents both are happy as the interaction between the teachers and students is better and clear. Also, students, who don’t pay attention in the classroom physically they need to mark their presence in virtual class as their parents are also in touch with the teachers and the study all the time format of classes. Technology has greatly changed the education; where earlier the books are the main evidence to get the study completed. Today in this modern ear lots and lots of information is available and can be downloaded through online pdf, topics research and display results in search engine bar of Google, and all these available in the form of content at one fingertip. Education applications are also helpful in such a case, as students get the idea of how to resolve the query quickly. 

Online education provides several opportunities as any kind of certification helps a lot to get admission in high colleges and universities across the globe. Also one can have a good job where he can upgrade his skills with the use of such online education. I would also like to add that if any student lacks in any topic or anywhere then he can have complete access through an education portal. If he misses something then he would get a revised session of that particular topic. Thanks to technology, access to learning opportunities today is unprecedented in scale. 

Communication and networking possibilities have also been expanded through technology. Classrooms have historically been largely segregated, and other students in the same classroom or building have been restricted to collaboration.  Students in other states who are monitoring the same activity will share what they are experiencing with students in other classrooms. Using technology-based resources such as wikis and Google docs, students will work together on group projects. The classroom walls are no longer an obstacle, as technology allows new forms of interactive learning, communication, and working. 

Technology has become more powerful and the importance of it has been drastically improved and increased as all the worldwide students are depending upon it. Right signal strength makes student excellent and class interaction smooth without any obstacle. They don’t know what is the value of the internet and the technology which they are using, but IT companies know its worth. 

Online learning will help students reshape their future and contribute to their classroom activities with some extra skills. Interaction with teachers or mentors slowly and slowly runs away from hesitation and lack of contact. Students explore everyday things which they don’t know and try to learn what teachers say.  

Teachers are also happy as the commute time is getting saved because all the schools in Gurgaon have been closed due to pandemic. In this covid situation, time is creating a strong between teachers-students and children-parents. Those who are young in their family are getting attention more than elder brothers or sisters. The method is changed and not the way, the guidelines which the teacher uses to instruct to the students are the same and the way of addressing such information is also quite similar. Even virtual platform has provided a better way of communication as the response of students in online education is more clear and interactive. 

Students will read the books which they find quite amazing, reword my essay, conduct research, engage themselves in debates and projects, and even gain hands-on experience that will help them better understand and manage the environment and their future careers. Books are frequent educational resources. 

The doors of education have been opened by technology to those who would otherwise be unable to attend a conventional school. For example, someone who works full-time will now be able to continue their job while having an education. Parents with small children will have reasons to go to school as well. Children who are highly serious about things like sports and practice during the day now they can match with online classes around their busy schedule. They can schedule the time difference between their activity and academics. 

Where neither a student nor a teacher has a one to one physical interaction but yes with the help of technology students understand the concepts more clearly and have a detailed discussion on a topic which is doubtful. The online test has also become highly before the parents as well as children nowadays. What is the syllabus, how much is competed and what can be asked in exams? It all creates a peer pressure on the students but under the guidance of mentor students of schools in Gurgaon prepare their studies well. 

Those students who find online learning difficult they can follow some of the tips: 

Daily Goals for Studying

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your course every day. Defining an unmistakable objective can help you remain roused and beat tarrying. The objective should be explicit and simple to gauge, for example, “I’ll observe all the recordings in Module 2 and complete the principal programming task.” And remember to remunerate yourself when you gain ground towards your objective!

Dedicated Study Space

It’s simpler to review data in case you’re in a similar spot where you previously learned it, so having a devoted space at home to take online courses can make your learning more viable. Eliminate any interruptions from the space, and if feasible, make it separate from your bed or couch. A reasonable differentiation between where you study and where you take breaks can help you centre. 

Schedule Time to Study

Open your calendar and choose the time when you are available to attend the class and complete the assignments. Don’t take so much stress while attempting such class, it depends upon you that how great you manage your work. Better planning always leads to good results. 

Keep yourself engaged 

Once you have decided that you need to engage your time in some activity than to gain the confidence you can share among your friend’s such information. Next thing you can also post your achievements on social media platforms where you can get the recognition among your social circle. Also, you can see other things what you can complete from n number of education websites. 

Online schooling has broken down the barrier of the geographical location that has prevented many students from going to school for example if someone wants to study for the high programme but due to this pandemic it is not possible or is unable to attend due to any family pressure then no need to worry, the school will arrange all the classes of a particular course online. This will completely transform the life of the student or the one seeking for such course or higher education in schools. 

Internet improves the accessibility for the school students. Online classes allow the students to do modification as per their suitability and due to the busy schedule of parents, the students sometimes get late and then they can request the teacher to teach them a particular topic which they attend. All things being equal, course materials are accessible on the web, and students have the opportunity to examine and finish classwork at whatever point their timetable permit. However long they complete work by the allocated cutoff time, it’s dependent upon them to arrange for how to utilize their time. 

As communication is on the web, class time is not, at this point students just occasion to ask their educators inquiries and any information as per data. All things considered, they can utilize messages, texting, and messaging to ask their educators inquiries whenever, instead of sitting tight for the following class, when there is no new question coming in their mind. At this moment students have depended upon the e-learning as no one knows when all things will get normal. School activity has not been completely stopped but yes the interaction level of students and teachers has increased, earlier the communication was one way but now in this pandemic with the help of an online learning one-way communication has been turned into two-way communication. 

Online education needs an electronic device to operate and attend once your device is alright you are ready to explore the virtual world of education. But it has been seen that due to high-cost laptops that are available in the market students need to arrange for the second choice and not the brand new as the laptop which is available on shopping seller portals would prefer cheaper as compare to the laptops from the store outlet. This needs an initial investment but students get aware with so much with online support from mentors, that they fluently cope up with the scenario of virtual education, as this is the only option left. 

Engaging content always creates a curiosity among the students, so the education portals should always be well presented with the amazing content if they want to highlight their academic excellence of schools in Gurgaon. Teacher in virtual mode does not know that student can understand what she is saying or he is getting baffled. As the interaction of the teacher with students is more as compared to the students with the teacher. Also, improper voice due to fluctuation in internet speed impacts the moment. There are different ways to present the content in front of students through which they can understand it when it comes to an online learning environment.

WhatsApp also works well in an online learning environment but it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. One of the experts said, that when she used to send images and links to the students in the group, where some of the students understand while others sent they do not understand and they are not able to complete the assessment. So after analyzing she came up with an idea of sending voice notes where dull and boring class becomes active and she got an immediate response from all the students in the group. 

Facebook also act as an engaging platform as it provides messengers were students and teachers interact via audio, note message, image or any video as per the syllabus. It also offers a private chat room where all students and teachers discuss the topics on which they have doubt. The response of students to the topics improve and the comments section seen with a slight increment. The conversation goes broader and there is no scope of one-way interaction, with these platform students can explore as much as they want to in academics. More research leads to fewer doubts, clear and stable mind of school students. 

In online learning, students do not depend upon the books and the links which are provided by the teacher or mentor. Instead of it, they can explore the cosmos of social media where they will get n number of information. They can join the groups with name school, education, books and academics and with all such groups, they will come to know the latest information about the academics and the other things related to school. By becoming an active participant they can create and raise the bar of their involvement in various online events. Students knit the thoughts and ink down the notes which they feel are important while having an interaction with the teacher online. 

For improving the pace of online learning extracurricular activity should be included. As of now, the students are at home, they can give time after the class or in the early morning depending upon the time slot of tier online class. Online games act as a saviour because attending the classes for a longer period makes a student dull. So if any child is involved in an online game where he devotes half an hour then his mind get refresh and relax. 

Innovation permits instructors to come up with the latest ideas and new thoughts yet also perfect examination and front line exposures. Through utilizing PowerPoint, YouTube, contributing to a blog innovation, and the intensity of a decent web index, instructors can assist their students with understanding the cutting edge world they’re living in perceptibly superior to if they didn’t have these devices. 

Going through innovative methods of learning student of schools in Gurgaon develop new skills of how to learn and remember the topics which are taught in class. For students attending the virtual class is difficult to focus as they are agile and naughty. Either parents or students excellence are on a prior basis the peer pressure which they handle is usually tough but in that case mentors and teachers guide the students with easy tricks. These tips and tricks help the students of schools in Gurgaon to attempt the exam without taking so much of stress. The knowledge which teachers carry is immense and up to the mark as they practice more hours to make the students understand. 

While preparing for any exam, presentation or viva students need not think so much as it affects their performance. Whatever they have prepared just speak up in front of all because the teacher will appreciate the participation rather of how much a student learned. So self-confidence is also important while attending any class as it is the best platform to analyze how sharp the mind of a student has and what more efforts he can put forward. With the support of parents children never fear and always develop the confidence and courage to perform a home task or class task. More interaction before and after the class helps the student to gain confidence, and give them the motivation to think broad. 

Once a student understands the power of knowledge and the importance of education then he will never try to run away from his roles and responsibilities towards the academics. As in this life, all knows that without education no one gives respect and response in a society, so it is better to keep learning no matter what you are and where are you from? Online learning has become a massive platform where one can learn, explore, interact, exchange, upload, download, and share the information among the other students in class or a WhatsApp group. 

Parents should keep one eye on their children as they sometimes behave inappropriately, so it is a duty of them to make their children understand that what is acceptable and what is not. Either they are in front of other house members, relatives, neighbours, they should greet them nicely and appropriately. Time flies fast and so the study pattern, parents should also be aware of the class, subjects and the topics. They should make sure that children inside the homes practice what they have learned and present well at the time of the virtual class. No fear and high confidence always make a student brighter among the other students of schools in Gurgaon. Stay Tuned with Lancers International School to read academic blogs.  

Writer – Sudhakar