Online Education during covid 19

Now days where students are bound to attend the virtual classes there teachers are also responsible for educating the school  students as no one knows that for how long the schools in gurgaon will be closed. Due to the pandemic the normal life has been suffered and it created a huge impact in a negative way like it results into collapse of market including the technology, general merchant, sweets shop, apparels, cosmetic shops, and much more as many people do not have jobs due to covid-19 only.

No one never imagined that any country or the entire world will suffer from such disease and will shatter all the business, saloons, and even the trips. The flights are also getting cancel due to Covid and international flights are not even allowed to fly from some of the states in India.

Students in this pandemic situation have much time to explore what they can do and what they want to do in future. Planning, Organising, Directing, Controlling and Executing are the five major principles of marketing but they only help when someone is with a strong willpower.

Generally students attend the online classes do homework and rest they don’t revise what teachers taught in previous class and they think that next class they will attend, but as soon as they came to know that teacher is going to ask the questions from the previous lesson then they get nervous or not able to answer due to fear of not doing the right thing at the class and with their life. Parents are also responsible as if they would give attention to students class then will never face any kind of fear.

Problems occur only when denies to resolve the query once it’s solved then one can enjoy life along with the studies. Parents should always make the children understand that in school days if they don’t study and present on-time in online education then it not only impacts on their grades but they will not get a respect from teachers as well.

Students should always try to learn that how they can adapt with the change in technology, what is the correct way to use such application, in how many ways they can study in a creative way, which are the best teaching methods that help us to score good marks in exam, where they can practice mock test, where they can see the question paper pattern, how they can manage study as well as play time, what are the best sports which they can learn during the pandemic, how many languages they can learn, for learning a language how much time is required, which subject is good for higher studies and much more they can ask from the teachers or prepare a list.

Education is a very powerful medium to grow in life and perceive something important. In a human’s life, education benefits a lot in decreasing the difficulties of a hard life. The expertise obtained through the education era encourages everybody regarding their life.Education is a way to enter into several doors for possibilities to obtain more real prospects in life to improve career growth.

In this modern technology-based era, education performs a supreme role in our life. And in this era, there are so many methods to boost the level of education. The complete criteria of education have now been modernized. And education makes a big impact on anyone’s life.

Every kid has his own vision of doing something unique in life. Sometimes parents also dream of their kids to be at high professions like doctors, engineers, IAS or PCS officers, or any other high-level professions. All such goals of kids or parents can be achieved by education only.

Decent education produces many paths to move ahead in life. It makes us intellectually, and ethically, powerful by improving our expertise level, technical abilities, and excellent job.

Extremely educated citizens form the foundation of a developed nation. Hence, decent education builds a brilliant tomorrow for both the individual and the nation. It is only educated directors who make the country and bring it to the top of prosperity and growth. Education makes everyone brilliant and as excellent as possible.