Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon: The bonding between a child and a parent is engaging.


We have seen parents making friends of their age. But parents should be friends with their children at Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon in the first place. As for children, making friends is a vital part of growing up.

When parents build a relationship with their children on the basis of friendship, they develop mutual trust and love for each other.

Therefore, close parent-child relationships built on trust and open communication help adolescents from stressful teenage years. Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon  It is very crucial that parenting must start with friendship.

It benefits children in their social and emotional development. Children begin to differentiate between the right and wrong path on their own when parents keep them close and befriend them.

Being a friend for your child in Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon helps you to understand the child’s mindset.

Parents play the role of a great mentor and teacher for their children. As Bob Keeshan said, “Parents are the ultimate role model for children.

Every word, movement, and action has an effect. No other person inside or outside has a greater influence on a child than the parent”.

Schools in Gurgaon: Do not wait for your child to be an adult.

Schools in Gurgaon It is advised that parents help their children develop  positive skills from an early age. When a child understands the family atmosphere at an early age, it is easier for them to connect with the family environment and make the bond stronger.

This relationship helps the child to understand the importance of sharing and listening to others patiently.

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon

They also understand what is personal freedom and responsibility and how it relates to others. Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon Many parents use force or even abuse to control their child’s behavior and choices, in the name of parenting, to protect their own reputation. This is done out of insecurity or fear.

The parent might not even be aware of it. It’s a big problem. Therefore, this is something a parent needs to do.

• Be open-minded When we talk about parenting, there are a few questions raised in every parent’s mind. Should parents be authoritative or should they give their child the freedom to make their own decisions? It happens many a time that parents keep an eye on their children’s movements or overreacts to their mistakes and kids feel they are being judgmental which leads to grudging towards parents. So as a parent we can help them to make decisions on their own rather than changing them. Parents should encourage children to try different things so that they push themselves creatively.
• Be a good listener Listening is a key skill for developing understanding and trust with your child.

The parents should have an interactive conversation with their child. By communicating well, parents can bridge the gap between the child and themselves. It is advised to be show interest in your child’s activities. For instance: when your child walks through the door excitedly calling your name, it is time to switch off tv or put away your cell phone. It is the time when you give all your attention to the child.
• Be an assurer A true friend is one who shares the experiences and interests by spending quality time like, watching movies, listening to good music, going for an evening walk, etc.

Engaging in different activities with your child is a good way to make the bond stronger. Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon When a child achieves or performs well in the examination, being a parent it is our duty to praise them for their accomplishment.
• Be an Inspirer Are you worried about your child’s performance? Every child’s personality differs. As a parent, you need provide opportunities to your child. You should allow your child to try all kinds of sports and extra curricular activities they are interested in. Besides this, it is advised to set an example for your child so that they can follow the right
path and achieve their goals without any difficulties. Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon When you truly accept the behavior of your child, it is then easy for the child to love and respect you for your honesty and your attempts to show them a better way.
• Be a Partner Often times it happens that when our children share or discuss things with us, we tend to judge them on their thoughts and actions. But when we act as a friend it is easier for both the parent and the child to discuss and share their views. It also encourages them to share their troubles and secrets without having any confidentiality.

This way, their moral increases and they stop hiding emotions from their parents.
Schools in Gurgaon take parents tutorials on how to “Be a partner or friend to your child”.

The schools also organise activities in which both the parents and the children participate. These activities help both the parents and the children to develop their bond with each other.