Are you a parent searching for a good primary school in Gurgaon?

Well there are certain fundamentals which you should keep in mind while enrolling your child to a good primary school in Gurgaon.
So as to look out for some good primary schools in Gurgaon, keep these points in mind for coming to the right decision.
FACULTY – THE BACKBONE OF SCHOOL: Faculty plays a major role in defining the backbone of the school. The highly qualified faculty members along with their several years of experience are so full of energy that they help students in
attaining exceptional excellence in primary schools in Gurgaon.

TEACHING PEDAGOGY: Good primary schools in Gurgaon

believe in combining theory with practical knowledge so that the students are efficiently equipped with the ideas. The teachers expose students to these practical skills as a natural part of their environment.
Though it is challenging for the teachers to find a way to integrate these skills mindfully in the classroom but still it’s one of the major fundamentals while looking for a good primary school in Gurgaon.
CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Co-curricular activities give students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non academic talents. Co-curricular activities such as sports, student newsletters, debates, arts and crafts, dance, music and drama are some of the activities that groom the students.
“Art of living and working together”. All these activities are vital even though they aren’t part of the core curriculum; they play a crucial role in the overall development of young minds.


This is another most significant facet that the school faculties have to follow vitally. With not a decent grip on discipline, no student will learn the worth of time and regularity in life.
These are some of the basic fundamentals a parent should keep in mind while admitting their child to a good primary school in Gurgaon. Lancers International School located in DLF Phase V, Sector 53; Gurgaon is famed for orchestrating all of these fundamentals and is excelling as one of the leading IB schools of Gurgaon.

good primary school in Gurgaon

The school not only provides good educational knowledge but also focuses on extra curricular activities. The school has all premium amenities and best culture to shape the future of your child.
The school is equipped with world class sporting facilities such as 4 lane swimming pool, studio cycling facilities, 100-
meter shooting studio, 2 squash courts, ice skating rink, an athletic track and others.
The school also plays a significant role in maintaining the health and well being of students. The school provides healthy balanced and nutritious meals that offer an appropriate amount of energy and nutrients that the students need.
The school also caters to different diets, including healthy salad diets, protein diets and vegetarian diets. Apart from these, the teachers are really helpful and motivate students to participate in extracurricular activities.
They help children grow and excel in their area of interest from the day they joined school.  The teachers help students unveil their hidden talents through these activities.
Gradually, the students start to think of their school as a second home and faasten up to find out the hidden inborn talents in them.
At LIS, the experts make the process of learning easy for children by incorporating in students’ specific interests. Students at this age are curious about learning in the direction of their specific interest and go to great lengths so as to efficiently learn the skill. So, the students are provided with all the material such as books, games, puzzles as children learn faster during playful activities.
The faculty at primary school also takes the students on field trips because field trips provide students with the opportunity to connect the concepts or ideas to real life.
The teachers suggest places like science museums, historical monuments, seminars conducting educational programs so that the students get a chance to explore their surroundings.
The language development also takes place during these years when the child develops basic vocabulary and improves the ability to express ideas confidently, both individually and in groups.
Along with the language skills, the cognitive development of the child takes place as basic problem-solving and pre-math abilities such as counting, knowledge of color, shape and symbols become a significant part of student’s life.
To improve child’s basic abilities, Lancers faculty is working hard to understand their psychology and make them
learn things in accordance to it.