Parents often express their concerns regarding a lack of attentiveness amongst their children and their inability to focus on the situation at hand. You may have heard parents complaining that their child goes from one distraction to another or that they can’t sit still. It has been suggested by teachers at IB schools and education officials that an elementary school level is more challenging than those middle or high school due to the amount of attention required to keep on task for many hours each day.

One thing worth noting here is that the IB schools in Gurgaon use well-rehearsed ways to teach young children. There are reports conducted by experts in the field that show focusing can vary among different age groups: younger children show greater difficulty than older children do in maintaining focus.

What History Teaches Us

When we take a stroll back along with the history of mankind, one can confidently state that it is quite evident from what little history has been written thus far that our first stepping stone in evolving cognitively and eventually as beings were based on that cause-effect relationship. For example, if there’s a bear over there then we must want to get away or we might die; because bears eat people so it’s either us or the bear. The raw simple animal instinct of survival contributed to how we all eventually developed individual characteristics and those of our species. Each is a very unique quality possessed by the human race.

This initial cause and effect relationship is also applicable to a person’s cognitive development, as well as their ability to handle particular situations based upon their past experiences. After all, no two people are identical – everyone is special.

Interestingly, there is a new school of thought in psychology that attempts to explain human behavior through quantum physics. The reason this could be interesting to look at is that quantum physics can perhaps provide further insight into why people think the way they do and how we might recognize when someone is lying or not being genuine.

What is Adding to the Distractions from Studies?

It is a known fact that students have a lot of distractions from studies as they grow up. They like to spend time on the computer, mobile phones, watching TV, and playing games. The main reason why children find it hard to concentrate on their studies is that they are not given any incentive by their parents. That’s one of the many reasons why you should try and make studying easier for them. How can you do that? Well, the answer is quite simple. You should play some games with them, try to make them watch some movies that interest them, and encourage them to play outside.

It is essential to keep the environment of your child conducive to learning. Stress and anxiety can hinder focus. In case your child is suffering from that, it’s important to address the potential causes of anxiety, depression, or any other mental issues. The earlier you identify and tackle the problem, the better.

How Well do you Know Your Child?

As a parent or teacher, you should never forget that this is a growing human being. The more you honor what they need as individuals, the more both of you will benefit in your relationship with each other.  As your child grows, their needs grow as well and so does your role and responsibility in taking care of them properly. For example, physically and emotionally every year brings new & different challenges to overcome. As important as it is to keep growing themselves and moving forward in life to become independent adults, we also have a responsibility to teach and support our children when things get rocky or tough along the way—so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance.

Why Should you Pay Attention to Your Child’s Development?

As we come to learn more about furthering our knowledge around the development of children, both as teachers and parents, it becomes increasingly important for us to respect their uniqueness. Some of them like playing football, others singing. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you must appreciate each child’s unique nature and be aware of whatever obstacles they may face concerning this, and create new solutions to resolve any issues that arise.

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Knowing your child is truly one of the most rewarding experiences. And being mindful of children’s developmental stages is crucial to helping them grow into independent and healthy adults. Look at some age-appropriate developmental milestones as they relate to child psychology and development to better understand why it can be important to respect every child as an individual and vice versa.

A Child’s Mind Absorbs Everything

A child’s mind is like a sponge. It absorbs knowledge so fast that it makes the parent or teacher gasp in amazement. A child will learn to walk, talk and do everything by himself. But the parent must understand the child’s traits, how to teach and how to nurture the child’s personality so that she/he can grow heartily. As a teacher, write about your experience of dealing with children and how you organized your classroom for effective learning. You can also provide tips for other teachers and parents.

As a parent or teacher, it is our prime duty to understand and recognize each child first and foremost. Parents and teachers must be aware of their own children’s interests, skills, moods, abilities, how a specific child learns, and most importantly the things that make that specific child unique. Above all else, you should enable a positive environment for the child so that they can focus on their studies without any disturbances or being able to fully excel in your class.

You must be aware of their personality traits, ability level, learning style, and areas they excel at. As a guardian, you have the responsibility to nurture them in every way possible so that they can fully achieve their goals and dreams.

The parents and teachers at IB schools have a huge responsibility in shaping the minds of young children. There’s no one way to raise or encourage kids – everyone has their style, but making sure your methods are working is key.