A great international school will use all the channels possible to make the studies conducted at the school worth the hefty investment. For example, students in international schools in Gurgaon are introduced to online learning very early in their careers with such training- which goes a long way in giving them a head start in building careers.

Technology has made information cheap, accessible, and affordable for humans. With a simple click of a button, people can communicate over great distances in the blink of an eye. Schools benefit from this tech revolution too because online learning is integrated into their curriculum now more than ever before. While a health crisis like Covid-19 caused widespread panic across the population, the students of International Baccalaureate schools were safe and protected with access to invaluable digital resources by using these advancements in technology.

From the way athletes train for the Olympics to the way kids study for school tests, the internet has impacted it all. International School in Gurgaon has always been in tune with this innovative mindset and is proud to say that we teach our students through experiential learning rather than traditional methods of education. In doing so, we hope to produce leaders for tomorrow’s world. The recent lockdown due to Covid-19 put things into perspective for us at ISG and made us realize how valuable online learning can be in these circumstances. While many are still resisting change, these IB kids were up and running pretty quickly thanks to their online learning tools.

Embracing the IT Revolution

The best IB schools in Gurgaon have long ago embraced the internet as an essential learning tool for their students. Many of them use virtual classrooms and smart ones that transform the classroom experience! Google Classroom is also used extensively. It is almost like a daily routine at these top IB schools in Gurgaon, where online learning is beginning to be incorporated more and more into the way they educate their students. In addition to all this, computer-based assignments are standard practice at many of the most respected International Baccalaureate schools in Delhi NCR.

The internet is an essential learning tool that many kids are already exposed to from a young age, either through their households or through smart classrooms. They don’t encounter a lack of knowledge about it and therefore comprehend and become familiar with these formats faster than someone who has never come into contact with them. Additionally, kids are also getting used to online classes which is why they tend to prefer them in later learning stages as well.

The teachers in the IB schools have been using the zoom platform to complete the course during the lockdown. The schools maintain a small class size to preserve a healthy teacher-student ratio.

The Integrated Curriculum of International Schools in Gurgaon 

The international school in Gurgaon has a well-made curriculum that integrates the use of technology with education and learning. The schools have been using virtual learners and smart classrooms for years now to immerse their students into a world of engaging educational experiences hands-on.

Hiring Knowledgeable Teachers

The IB schools pay a lot of emphasis on hiring knowledgeable teachers. The school curriculum allows students to utilize various new technologies and tools, and as such, teachers need to be well-groomed in tech matters if they are going to take full advantage of these opportunities for their students. Teachers who seek employment at the school have to undergo a very stringent selection process to work there, as not only do they need extensive experience teaching, but they also need to be tech-savvy to help students make the most of online learning environments.

The IB schools can embrace technology because of their focus on encouraging students to continue learning outside the classroom as well. For example, IB classrooms contain many different tools for any given student to help them to understand new concepts and keep up with the lessons being taught. As such, all teachers have to be comfortable with teaching prospective students online before they even step into an IB school.

The International Baccalaureate schools focus on two main things: the first is teaching experience, and the second is technical knowledge. The curriculum doesn’t only allow but encourages students and staff members to use a variety of useful online tools. All teachers will also be selected by how tech-savvy they are, so they are an integral part of helping students achieve maximum technological potential in their personal lives.

Google Classrooms are a bit hit Among Students

The school is using the classroom application to give assignments and homework to the students. Various workshops are arranged to keep the children engaged and productive during the long vacations. The teachers track the development and use the source to evaluate assignments for the students. The teachers use Google Classroom to stay in touch with the students at all times. This comes of great help, especially during vacations. The students can use the classroom application to speak to the teachers at their behest.

Unburdening Students of Unnecessary Clutter 

As an international school in Gurgaon, we don’t believe it necessary to add needless weight to your backpack by subjecting you to potentially unnecessary course-related books. Students learning at the International School in Gurgaon don’t need to carry around heavy course books. One significant part of our curriculum is regular presentations, which we make available on dedicated channels so that they’re always readily accessible to you.

All necessary information is easily accessed on channels relevant to them. Students can gain access to the information they need at any given time. For example, students are encouraged to submit their work electronically rather than by mail. By adapting online, students become more comfortable with technology as a whole.

All the important and necessary information that is conveyed in the classroom during a class period is captured through footage and made available to students online, thus allowing them to access it whenever they want. To help students adapt better to an online medium, they are often encouraged to submit their work through any drive or channel dedicated specifically to this course.

The information learning industry is going online to give a valuable platform for learners to gain extensive knowledge and skills. Online learning has already touched the lives of many and has helped them to grow as individuals. As online education becomes an integral part of the curriculum, it helps create an immersive learning experience for the students at various levels. The medium is preferred by international schools in Gurgaon as it has helped them to provide students a head start in terms of developing skills that help them to grow in the future. 

The IB schools in Gurgaon make the system well adept with the technology to make the classroom experience holistic and seamless. To help us adjust as well as integrate into a school curriculum that primarily exists on computer-based platforms and devices, we encourage students to submit their assignments through the particular designated channels for which they exist. Online training is the future of professional education and is the key to the success of academic institutions that are helping students to prepare for the future.