Design your most important project: Your Life!

Lancers International School, in collaboration with The Big Red Group and Stanford Life Design trained Educator, Navyug Mohnot,, is excited to host the groundbreaking workshop “Designing Your Future” from June 8-12, 2024, in Gurugram.

Led by Navyug Mohnot, a Stanford Life Design trained educator and Visiting faculty member at Ashoka, this innovative workshop offers high school students from grades 9–12 a unique opportunity to navigate their life choices more clearly and confidently.

The distinguished Kathy Davis, Managing Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford, serves as the curriculum co-creator and program Advisor.

Based on the pioneering framework developed by Stanford’s esteemed professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, this workshop leverages methods previously exclusive to top institutions like Stanford and Harvard. 

Now, this exceptional framework is accessible to school students, right here at Lancers International School.

With the future presenting an array of choices and paths, students often find themselves more perplexed about which direction to pursue. “Designing Your Future” aims to simplify these decisions by helping students employ life design principles to address life’s “wicked” problems creatively. Participants will engage in interactive, hands-on activities such as the Stanford Design School’s Wallet Exercise and crafting visual life odysseys, empowering them to envision and design a life they aspire to lead.

Don’t miss this chance to explore a blend of theory and practical application among a diverse mix of the nation’s top young talent.

Secure your spot and begin to design the future you dream of!


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