Counselors at Primary International schools in Gurgaon

An interactive workshop on Overseas Education was conducted on 5th August 2019 on the school premises. As the workshop was specially designed keeping in mind the interests of students, the various Primary schools in Gurgaon at the workshop made sure to provide students with great knowledge and expertise on various career options of their choice. Besides students from our school, Swiss Cottage School students came over to attend the workshop.

The workshop’s ultimate role was to teach students to think of themselves so that they’re able to enter the industry of their choice with confidence and determination. At the workshop, students interconnected the most with Kaplan Business School counselors as they are globally recognized the provider of higher education degrees in Australia and offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, finance, accounting, marketing and hospitality, and tourism management.

There were other schools providing information to students on medicine courses, arts and crafts courses, fashion and web designing courses and film school courses. The workshop helped the students in deciding their career choices.


Kaplan Business School allows students of more than 80 different nationalities to study collectively thereby promoting greater cultural awareness, social connections, and diversity in the classroom. The school campuses are spread in 4 major cities of Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The campuses provide easily accessible IT resources including Wi-Fi, computer labs, printing, and photocopying facilities. The students will have access to integrated online learning materials and receive feedback on assignments through MyKBS; personalized online Student Portal.

The students can easily transfer between campus locations each trimester which adds to an extra advantage as they can relocate according to their preferences. As there are students studying from various nationalities, the school ensures to equip students with the tools they need to meet the requirements of their course through additional workshops, lectures and one- on- one session.

The other student support services consist of career centers, academic success centers who help create pathways for the young minds that lead to career success.

The students can also benefit from free online tutoring and face-to-face tutoring. The online tutors with a network of 500 provide guidance on a range of study skills and key subjects like communication, management, marketing, and numeracy.

They are available to answer student’s questions between 3 pm and midnight, six days a week.

In terms of courses, the school in Gurgaon provides Diploma courses along with Bachelors and Masters Courses. The typical duration of the Diploma course is 1 year with 8 subjects and 3 trimesters. The Bachelor’s course duration is 3 years with 24 subjects and 9 trimesters.

The successful completion of the Bachelor’s courses may qualify students for credit toward their range of Masters course, or another course with an alternative higher education provider in Australia.

When students enroll themselves for a Masters course, the duration is 2 years with 12 subjects and 6 trimesters. As KBS is a business school recognized internationally, it will make easy for business students to get a job anywhere in the world.


High Achievers Scholarship- Australian and international students who display a record of outstanding academic merit in business or a related field of study can apply.

Regional Scholarship- Students from various regions other than Australia can apply for this scholarship.

Alumni Scholarship- If students complete a course of at least 4 months in duration with a Kaplan education provider, they are eligible for an Alumni Scholarship.

Another film school in which students really showed great interest was “Vancouver Film Festival”. The school tops in the list of top 25 International Animation Boarding Schools in the world. VFS is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver- consistently named one of the world’s best cities, and known both as “Hollywood North” and “Silicon Valley North” for its vibrant and thriving creative economy.

The various programs at VFS are programming for Games, Web + Mobile, Acting Essentials, Classical Animation, Digital Design, Sound Design for Visual Media, Writing for Film, Television + Games, 3D Animation + Visual Effects.

In order to pursue a degree in some specific area at VFS, the students have to first complete the foundational course which lasts for 1 year and this way the students are ready to become entertainment and creative media arts professionals in just one year instead of the four years required at some other institutions.

The students acquired great knowledge and understanding from these various Nursery schools in Gurgaon at the workshop and are now ready to embark on a new journey. They are now happy to discover and develop the unique talents that take them to the next step in their academic or career path.

The school wishes them all the best for their future prospects.