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Personal Development

Our goal has always been to give our students a well-rounded form of education. That not only includes academic excellence or developing skills in the field of music, art, theatre and sports, but also to help our students develop emotional intelligence. The more emotionally intelligent they’ll be, the greater they’ll have the ability to empathise and care.

Lancers is a place where open communication is the norm. Our students have the space to talk about things that concern them and affect them directly or indirectly.

Though our students are taught to be independent and think for themselves, at Lancers, we set aside dedicated time to talk to our students about things that affect them on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, we often speak to our students about time management, how to find a way to deal with anger and other negative emotions, and how to deal with disagreements, among other concerns. These conversations are the basis for helping our students channel their emotions in a more positive and productive way, and for them to be prepared to handle any situation or challenge that may come their way.