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Schools play an important role in promoting healthy eating habits to children by providing healthily balanced and nutritious meals that offer an appropriate amount of energy and nutrients that the students need.

The Lancers Cafeteria is a wonderful place to not only enjoy great food but is also a great spot to socialize and talk about the day. It is a warm, friendly space where students are provided with healthy and balanced meals that are both nutritious and appetizing. Our chefs prepare everything from scratch, whether it’s a salad dressing or freshly baked bread.

Students have a wide variety of hot and cold food with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads at meal times. The school also caters to different diets, including food allergies and vegetarians.

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In our diverse community we cater to a range of dietary requirements. Each age group has their own needs and therefore our team of chefs work closely with our teachers to curate meal plans that best suit the requirements of the age group.

Our cafeteria provides a well balanced multi cuisine food that is both nutritious and enjoyable to students from all cultures. Our products are locally sourced and only fresh ingredients are preferred. Our team of chefs curate their own recipes to minimise the use of seasoning, and saturated fats.

We strive to provide food that is healthy, and enjoyable for our students. All our meals are prepared on site by our dedicated team of chefs who are constantly working to support the dietary needs of our students.

10+ Chefs makign the most of
locality sourced produce
2+ Live Cooking Stations
10+ Cusinies Offered as part
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Nutrition and wellness

Fee lunch is provided to all students and staff. The cafeteria offers a wide variety of veg and non veg hot meals, freshly prepared salad bar, a veg and non veg soup counter and desserts. Each meal is curated to make sure it is nutritious while tasting good. The cafeteria also provides options to buy.


Food allergy management

At the start of the session we expect parents to inform their homeroom tutors if the student has any dietary needs or is allergic to certain ingredients. The school food is nut free and MSG free.



Most of our produce is sourced locally and only fresh ingredients are used. Our chefs prefer using seasonal produce only.