While making decisions there are assured fundamentals which helps the parents to decide which are the best primary schools in Gurgaon when they are supposed to enroll their child? So to look out the best primary schools in Gurgaon here are some of the points which all parents should keep in their mind. 

FacultyThe Backbone of School: Faculty plays a vast role in defining the backbone of the primary school. With the several years of experience the highly qualified faculty members with so much of positive vibes are helping the student’s studies in primary schools in Gurgaon to attain the goals and improve the academic performance. Those students who are weak in understanding the particular subject or topics then it become a duty of a faculty to resolve it as soon as possible. 

schools in gurgaon

Method of Teaching: Good primary schools in Gurgaon believe to merge theory with practical experience so that the concepts are effectively equipped for the students. As a natural part of their culture, teachers introduce students to these realistic abilities. Although it is difficult for teachers to find a way to carefully implement these skills in the classroom, it is still one of the key principles when searching for a good primary school in Gurgaon. 

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon

Co-Curricular Activities: Co-curricular activities offer an opportunity for students to acquire new skills and showcase their non-academic talents. Some of the events that groom the learners include co-curricular activities such as athletics, student newsletters, debates, arts and crafts, dance, music and drama. Activities will help to grow the mind of the student and provide him an ability to handle the small problems and resolve it. 

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“Art of living and collaborating” – As they are not part of the core curriculum, but instead of avoiding it by implementing all these practices are vital; they play a crucial role in the overall growth of young minds. With such art and long hours of practice one can prepare the mind to tackle the situations as per the learning and experience. 

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Discipline: For effective classroom management, discipline is a key component. Classroom discipline refers to the methods an educator uses during instructional time to control student activities and attitudes. This is another most different impact that must be practiced vitally by the school faculties. No learner will learn the importance of time and regularity in life with any solid understanding on discipline. 

 There are 3 types of discipline for the students: 

Preventive Discipline – During the first few days of class, teachers with appropriate teaching methods, set goals, guidelines and rules for behaviour. Students have a right to know that what teachers are expecting from them. This type of discipline create a safe, non challenging classroom atmosphere in which students feel that they are able to understand what teacher has delivered. 

Supportive Discipline – The teachers uses the supportive discipline in case if a student present inside the class misbehave under the established rules to follow in classroom then teacher gives a warning signal or an advice for correcting the behaviour. 

Corrective Discipline – Suppose if any student has failed to modify the changes in his behaviour after repeated attempts at supportive discipline, then teacher in such scenario may opt a corrective discipline. This type of discipline varies from age and grade level. 

These are some of the indispensable ground rules a parent should keep in mind at the time of enrolling their child to a good primary school in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is renowned for coordinating all of these fundamentals and is excellent as one of Gurgaon’s leading IB schools. Lancers International School is situated in DLF Phase V, Sector 53. 

Not only does the school have strong educational information, but it also tends to focus on different curricular activities. The school has all the outstanding facilities and the best atmosphere to build your child’s future. The school is fitted with sports facilities of the world standard, such as a 4-lane swimming pool, studio cycling facilities, shooting studio of 100 – meter, 2 squash courts, ice skating rink, athletic track, etc. 

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The school plays a major role in the protection of students’ health and well-being. It offers healthy, balanced and nutritious meals that provide students with the right amount of energy and nutrients they need for better growth and development that is mentally and physically. 

Various diets, including balanced salad diets, protein diets and vegetarian diets, are also given by the school. In addition, teachers are very supportive and inspire students to engage in extracurricular activities. From the day they reach school, they help children develop and succeed in their area of interest. Through these exercises, the teachers help students divulge their secret talents. 

The students gradually begin to think of their school as a second home and find out about the secret embryonic gifts in them. At LIS, by introducing the unique interests of students, the experts make the learning process simple for children. Students are excited about learning in the direction of their personal interest at this age and go to great lengths in order to practice the ability effectively. Thus all the resources such as books, games, puzzles are given to the students as children learn faster during playful activities. 

schools in gurgaon

The primary school faculty also takes students on field trips, as field trips give students the chance to relate concepts or ideas to real life. The teachers recommend locations such as science museums, historical landmarks, and educational program seminars so that the students have an opportunity to explore their world.  

In addition to language skills, the child’s brain growth takes place as basic problem-solving and pre-math skills such as counting; color knowledge, form and symbols become an essential part of the life of the student. 

The Lancers faculty works hard to understand their psychology and make them better at developing the basic skills of children. Stay Tuned with Lancers International School to read astounding blogs!