Academic Excellence – In Lancers students achieve academic excellence by developing a habit of study on daily basis apart from the class. They need to know themselves in what and how they can develop the interpersonal skills to build that much confidence. By utilizing the books provided from the library, student enhances their mental skills and thought process. Lancers provide a friendly environment free from noise pollution to all the students so they can write and learn at a fast pace without any disturbance. Apart from this, they can also involve themselves in extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, instrumental class, drawing, and others to perfect their skills. Lancers is considered as a renowned schools in Gurgaon

World Leading Teachers – As the school follows the IB format here teachers are from different countries for the Middle Year Programme (MYP) and Primary Years Programme (PYP). They are from Germany, the Philippines, Armenia, Spain, Russia, and other different nations around the globe. With an experienced and good educational background, it becomes the responsibility of the teachers to show the correct path to students. It creates a healthy environment for the students while discussing their studies and questions in class from a teacher. They get to know about the culture of the different nations, along with students from abroad. 

Outstanding Pastoral Care – This school creates a lot of difference if it compares to normal school. Here teachers, faculty, experts understand the problem of students and support them emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It can be found in all cultures and traditions. Suppose if any student is not active concerning studies due to anxiety, stress or any other behavioral manner, then school educators provide support which helps a student to come out of a problem.  

Top University Admission – While studying in Lancers International School, curriculum works on IB format. The students in International Baccalaureate learn to develop confidence, learning effectively, and independently. In that student has two year IB diploma program where he goes through with all such assessment and subject which help him to appear in the exams held by the top universities around the globe. From an Expert’s point of view, IB doesn’t just teach students, but it also helps to grow their ability to grasp things quickly. 

Diverse Students Body – Diversity is important as it enriches the educational experience. It challenges the format coming from the old-time in studies. It encourages the critical thinking of a student. In school, students learn to develop the skills to interact with other students who are from different nations. Helps to understand their thought process, lifestyle in their nation, a language they generally use while interacting with local natives of their hometown. Also, it strengthens the roots of a school in Gurgaon and represented it in an international format.  

Innovative Teaching Methods – Most of the students love to learn the lessons if teach through an innovative technique. The innovative method can be seen in movies where professors teach students through an innovative technique which helps to grab the things quickly by the students, it also improves the learning more practical less understanding may lead to better results. In Lancers the innovative methods include the cross over teaching (after-school learning, exhibition and museums. Here students can discuss the things as per the topics related to the studies and trip.) Teaching through smart boards helps the students to understand the topic more interactively. Teaching through collaboration also one of the best teaching methods where students from different countries come together and work assigned project work.  

World-Class Facilities – Lancers offers world-class facilities in the country. It includes 4 lane swimming pool, boxing ring, golf simulators, handball alley, 100-meter shooting studio, 2 squash courts, and studio cycling facilities, an ice skating rink, and an athletic track. Apart from this students can engage themselves in competitive games such as basketball, golf, baseball, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. With all such facilities, students help to develop their mental and physical skills and gain confidence in games. With the best coaches, students can be trained up to an expert level and represent the school at the district, state, and national levels. It not only helps the students to gain confidence but also adds value to school books.  

Personalized Learning – Personalized learning involves an educational environment and the curriculum that helps to understand each student adequately. Due to the availability of trained professionals present in school, students get a chance to get personal learning for a particular subject. The students take admission under the Middle Year Programme and Primary Year Programme get one to one understanding from the teachers. Each student inside the class understands at a different pace. This personalized learning not only included in the studies, but it shows its essence in co-curricular activities, personal coach for games, and other sports activities.  

Small Class Sizes – Over the last few decades, the IB diploma program (the DP) understands the importance of providing learning and limit to a particular count. IB program provides students with learning opportunities beyond typical academic growth. For the benefit of a student each class counts to less number of students so that it can provide the learning efficiently and productively. The main goal of a teacher present inside the class is to improve the ability of the students by giving focus to each student as the learning pace of one varies from another. 

Wide Range of Sports – Lancers provides an extensive range of sports to students who belong to a local and different nation. Sport is an essential component of the fabric of education. It’s a useful tool to build physical strength, understand what it’s like to work in a team, and most importantly, have fun. Students in Lancers kept healthy throughout the day when they stay with regular games like basketball, golf, baseball, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Students also can participate in ice skating, squash, swimming, judo, archery, and aerobics. Other sports offered by Lancers International School in Gurgaon are Judo, Pool & Snooker, Shooting, lawn tennis, trekking, and Gymnastics. It has some of the best sports facilities in the country.

by – Sudhakar Pandey