Fostering the attributes of an international-minded learner is no easy task. It starts with a curriculum that specializes in skills that are needed for today’s globalized world and continue with providing opportunities to develop these skills in real-life settings. Top IB Schools in Gurgaon take care of this by having curricula that reflect their focus on developing inquiry, creativity, knowledge and interdisciplinary thinking as well as providing students with the opportunity to study abroad or participate in other programs outside the school setting.International

An IB school does not need to be in a location that facilitates these opportunities, but the curriculum and encouragement for students to take advantage of them help create an international-minded learner. This is true regardless if they are studying at top IB schools in Gurgaon or boarding abroad.

The growth of IB schools in Gurgaon has been phenomenal as the demand for a curriculum that prepares students to compete globally increases.


Many cities around India have begun to see this trend and top IB Schools in Gurgaon are well-positioned to meet local needs while also providing opportunities for their graduates to study abroad or be prepared for success outside of the country.

This is not true just for those who attend an international school, but it’s necessary at any institution where learning takes place across borders. The more globalized our world becomes, the more important it is that we cultivate these skills early on so when they graduate from high school they can tackle diverse issues with confidence and creativity – which will help them succeed in life.

Being an international-minded learner means not just understanding the importance of cultural and social differences but being able to transcend them. Students who are required to demonstrate open-mindedness, critical thinking, and collaborative skills are more likely to be successful in the new globalized economy.

Lancers International School in Gurgaon fosters an international-minded learner by providing a curriculum that specializes in developing inquiry, creativity, knowledge and interdisciplinary thinking skills as well as opportunities such as inquiry programmes for all students or other enrichment programs outside school hours.

The advantages don’t stop at exposure to different cultures; IB schools in Gurgaon prepares learners for university while also ensuring they can compete globally due to its rigorous academic standards.

Below are the attributes of the learner as per the International-Baccalaureate:

  • A communicator, they can express feelings and thoughts and can communicate in different languages.  Students use knowledge to solve problems.
  • Caring, they show sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. They also show empathy towards other people and situations. 
  • Open-minded, they listen to other people’s thoughts and ideas and can accept that there is more than one way to look at things.
  • Reflective, they are aware of individual strengths and weaknesses.  They set goals for themselves and are aware of the effects of my actions and words on others.
  • A thinker, they can apply thinking skills critically and creatively.  They build on other people’s ideas and demonstrate original thinking.
  • An Inquirer, they ask a variety of questions, look for their answers and seek out knowledge independently.
  • Knowledgeable, they are curious to know about new things and explore ideas.  They construct meaning through active research/ inquiry.
  • A risk-taker, they are willing to make mistakes and try new things.  They use good judgment and act on their own initiative.
  • Principled, they show honesty and make good decisions.  They accept responsibility for their actions and views.  They stand up for what I know is right.
  • Balanced, they learn about the importance of good health; use time wisely and develop organizational skills.  They show awareness of emotions and learn how to control them.

A truly international-minded learner is a multifaceted individual who can take on the challenges of today’s globalized world. IB Schools are committed to developing these skills for their students by providing them with access to experiential education and opportunities such as study abroad programmes.

IB schools in Gurgaon foster the attributes of an international-minded learner which starts with a curriculum that specializes in skills needed for the globalized world, provides opportunities like study abroad programs outside of just within school hours or other enrichment programs offered outside of class time (inquiry programme) and prepares learners for university while also ensuring they can compete globally due to its rigorous academic standards. A truly international-minded learner has many different facets such as being open-minded, being a thinker, being knowledgeable and principled.

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