LIS Festival

LIS Festival-2019

Every year Lancers International School organizes Inter-School Festival with an aim to inspire and bring together educational leaders as well as students to participate in various competitions and highlight their latent talent and educational skills. The event was started 7 years ago with a mission to provide an excellent platform for students from Early Years to Middle School to compete with each other and promote inter-cultural understanding.

This year, the 7th Annual LIS festival was organized from 9th to 11th October. “Diversity- the act of thinking independently together” was the theme for this year. Twenty schools came together to participate. Ms. Latika Nath, Indian author, and wildlife conservationist was the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony.

Twenty-two different competitions were designed for students from pre-primary to grade 8, included events, like Colouring , Drawing , Costume Parade, Word Smart, Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Quiz, Mask and Poster Making, Mental Mathematics, Solo and Duet Singing, Western Band, Science Model and Science Symposium, Western Choir, News Writing and Reporting, Book Publishing, Mini MUN, Monologue and Debate, Solo Cultural and Group Dance.

The festival concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Sindhwani, the Head of School appreciating the participants and stating that such extracurricular activities are essential for the holistic development of students.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture ceremony - 2019

Lancers International School celebrated the Investiture ceremony for the academic session 2019-2020  on 26th August 2019. Parents were invited to witness the occasion as new student council members as they took the oath to shoulder their responsibilities firmly and efficiently. . Parents joined us on this auspicious day. Mrs. Prabhu, the School Advisor was the Chief Guest and awarded the council members with badges and graced the occasion by her inspirational address. 

Mr YK Sindhwani, the Head of School, administered the oath and presented the Baton, a symbol of authority, to the Head Boy, Alexandros Skronias and the Head Girl, Ananya Mahi. This was followed by the House Masters handing over the House Flags to the newly elected House Captains and Deputy House Captains. 

Students from MYP grade 8-9 came up with a choir performance which was followed by an Indian instrumental played by Gitansh and Sagnik as Jugalbandi on tabla and sitar respectively.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by the DP Coordinator – Mr Arpit Sharma, who also shared some effective tools required to become a leader and to become better at self management as well as to remain highly motivated and focused.

The Lion King At Lancers International School

Lion King

This year’s Early Years Production was The Lion King. All our students from Nursery to Grade 1 had the most amazing time dressing up in fun costumes and dancing in front of an audience of over 400 people. This was our eighth production; some of the earlier ones being Moana and other Disney stories. All the children were dressed in colourful animal costumes and that made them very happy.

What made the production a success was not only the fact that the students were extremely confident and comfortable on stage, but also the props designed added an authentic feel to the production. Speaking of design, our school principal and teachers came together to create a glorious and tall mountain using desks and chairs, covering it with recycled newspaper and draping it with fifty yards of silk cloth to make it appear as if a river is flowing through the rocks with tall giraffe cut-outs on the side. On the other end of the stage was the majestic Pride Rock, peppered with beautifully painted cacti. The LCD screen with The Lion King poster at the back rooted the audience into the production even more and the parents felt proud and emotional.

Shares Mrs. Sana, one of the parents, about one of our teachers, “At the outset, please let me congratulate you for making such a great dance performance possible by KG-B. It’s only and only your hard work and devotion that made this possible… considering that some kids didn’t even remember the steps until one day before! Had you not motivated them and channelised their energy into a positive way, then this would have never been made possible. I loved Alina’s performance and the Grace with which she danced. Adored it completely. I am not saying this just because I am her mum but also because she portrayed great courage to put up a great show even though she had a nose bleed early this morning. We all love you and admire you and want to thank you for making our kids the best.”

Says Mr. Sameer, another proud parent about one of the teachers, “We would like to thank you for arranging such a wonderful show and for giving our son the opportunity to star in this drama. Yes, he was over the moon! As parents, we enjoyed every minute of it and enjoyed performances of every child. Thank you again for everything. You have indeed made a big impact on Sayhan over the past few months, which is evident from his constant joy in attending school on a daily basis.”

Shares Mr. Justin, yet another happy parent about the performance, “I am writing to say that we loved The Lion King and we think that you, the staff and the kids did an excellent job! This show was fantastic for the kids age range and I couldn’t have been more proud of (especially my Pumba). Thank you very much for all of your efforts, I know this was no small feat to pull off.”

World Culture Day Celebrations At Lancers International School

world culture day

If our World Culture Day had a theme song, it would be John Lenon’s Imagine. The goal of celebrating World Culture Day at LIS each year is to expose our students to different cultures and traditions. It’s a way to come together and learn from one another.

Whether it’s art, sports, food, music, textiles or even subtle cultural nuances, the World Culture Day at LIS covers it all. It also gives our students an opportunity to be more accepting of other cultures by deeply learning about them.

But learning at LIS is also about having fun and involving them in celebrating this rather unique and fascinating day. This year’s theme represented many interesting countries including Thailand, Egypt, Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, UAE, Germany, Philippines, Italy, China, France, Mexico and England. Each class represented a particular country, and stalls and games were set up accordingly.

Speaking of games, students got the opportunity to take part in many famous games of these specific countries and also got a chance to learn about their many well-known landmarks. For instance, one of the students re-created The Great Wall of China in the classroom using props, paint and cloth. Similarly, one parent from Canada taught students how to play ice-hockey in class. Another parent introduced students to Japanese Origami.

What makes the World Culture Day a success every year is that the parents are just as involved as the students are. Whether it’s preparing lectures and presentations for students, helping children prepare traditional food, organising stalls and games for students, parents are actively involved with World Culture Day.

Among other interesting activities planned for the day, what stood out was that each student had a hand-made passport that he got stamped during his visit to every class representing a particular country. The teachers and principal acted as Immigration Police and helped students navigate moving from one class to the next and have a marvellous time in the process. The next day students dressed in their traditional clothing to school and that triggered another engaging dialogue within our diverse student community.

The Armenian Ambassador Visit Lancer International School

Lancers International School organized an event for the consummation of Community Project. It was attended by His Excellency Mr. Armen Martirosyan – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of India (2015-Date) and Former Ambassador of India to Armenia and Georgia (2009-2012), Mr. Achal Kumar Malhotra. The co-organizers of the program -President and Vice-President of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO – Rananjay Anand & Ruzanna Ashughyan, also graced the event with their presence.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, also known as IAF, was officially registered in Armenia since 2011. It is committed to benchmark India-Armenia relationships on the world-map while acting as a connecting bridge between India and Armenia. The NGO promotes people to people connection, strengthen cultural, socio-economic ties and trade engagement for a prosperous future with great emphasis on bilateral engagement. It also aims to educate Armenians on India and Indians on Armenia.
Another important highlight of the event was the book ‘India – Armenia – So Far yet So Close’ authored by His Excellency Achal Malhotra. He said,” The book is an attempt to bridge the gap. It is meant to remind some of the glorious moments of close interaction and peaceful coexistence. This is a dedication to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Armenia.”

India –Armenia relation

Armenia and India have developed ties in different spheres, among that energy, business, security, etc. Unfortunately, education and particularly relations in higher education is not among the sectors so far enforced and developed. Lancerians chose Armenia and its culture as the subject of their research this year with the following aim
First of all to empower relations between individuals in India and Armenia engaged in academic activities,
Second to popularize the Armenian higher education opportunities among students and researchers in India and become a fertile ground for future collaborations and co-operation

Third, through this guided and academically oriented tour to present Indian colleagues the possibilities and opportunities available in Armenia for international students and researchers.

To foster academic, educational and cultural relations between Armenia and India, Lancers International School hosted the event. This memorable event helped the pupil to understand the Armenian system and opened the doors to explore Armenian opportunities.

Community Project at Lancers

The motive behind involving students for a Community Project was to help them collaborate and pursue service learning. Being a part of IB school, CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) is a mandatory component of the curriculum that provides academic rigor of the educational programme. As part of IB MYP requirements, MYP students formed groups and spent dedicated time working on their Community Project. Therefore, Lancers International School is one of the best international schools in Gurgaon where students enjoy being challenged intellectually, socially and personally.

Tokyo International University Collaboration with Lancers

University of Tokyo at Lancers

In our constant endeavours to provide limitless opportunities to our students across the globe, Lancers International school has signed MoU with the Tokyo International University, Japan.

TIU was  founded in  the year 1965 with a focus on business and commerce, this private university now encompasses five undergraduate schools and four graduate schools. TIU has developed an English-based undergraduate degree providing majors in Business Economics and International Relations in 2014.

The alliance will bring following key benefits to the Lancerians :

A.Scholarships: Deserving candidates of our school will benefit from the collaboration as they will be considered for exclusive scholarships  by the University for the undergraduate programmes in the field of business economics and International relations.

B. Expert Talks/ Seminars : Students will benefit from the expert talks/ seminars which will be conducted by the University faculty members in the school.

University of Sydney : Visit of Vice Chancellor

university of sydney - visit of vc

Lancers International School, in collaboration with the University of Sydney held a session on “Life Skills for the 21st Century”. The session was held at the school campus on Wednesday, 6th February, 2019.

The University of Sydney, established in 1850, is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious universities. It is Australia’s first university and a member of the ‘Group of Eight’, Australia’s premier research-intensive universities. The QS rankings place it at 42 while the US news places it at 31 in the world.

The event was attended by

  • Dr Michael Spence AC, Vice Chancellor and Principal- The University of Sydney
  • Professor Richard Miles, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education – Enterprise and Engagement)- The University of Sydney
  • Tania Rhodes- Taylor, Vice-Principal, External Relations- The University of Sydney
  • Kaveh Ghezel, Head, International Student Recruitment- The University of Sydney
  • Anju Singh, Country Manager (India)- The University of Sydney

Dr. Michael Spence AC delivered the keynote address for students. In addition, Professor Richard Miles, spoke about “Life Skills for the 21st Century”. The purpose of this informative session was to raise awareness among young minds that in globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners need new skills and knowledge to succeed. If we want to prepare our children for success in school, work and life, opportunities to learn 21st-century skills are essential. Everyone had an opportunity to understand that these 21st-century skills are more important to students now than ever before. They not only provide a framework for successful learning in the classroom, but ensure students can thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops. Businesses demand a workforce with these skills to ensure the competitiveness in global economy. It also teaches them to be a good citizen in today’s turbulent times—ones who can engage, critically think, are digitally literate, globally aware and effective communicators.

In addition, the event witnessed the launch of a new scholarship program specifically on offer to the brightest students in India. At this special event, the students also got a sneak preview of the university’s curriculum and degree structures, which is designed to ensure that our students can tailor their degrees and develop the skills necessary to navigate highly successful future careers. It was a good platform to find out about the opportunities offered to students at the University of Sydney.

The event was highly beneficial not only to students but also to the academics team and parents, who were able to get a better insight and understanding on the importance of life skills for the overall developments of an individual. Lancers International School looks forward to hosting more such events hence helping students to understand and make better choices. Protection Status