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Mission & Values

Lancerians are people with the highest sense of responsibility; ones who strongly believe in the power of freedom and independence. Literally speaking, the term Lancerian comes from warriors who led the greatest armies and won in the name of righteousness and honor. These are the ethics that students at Lancers International School imbibe and nurture. They learn how to stand up for what’s right, work towards goals that raise the collective consciousness of humanity and stay motivated to seize opportunities that make them better people and learners. Their need to deliberately plan and be goal-oriented gives them greater impetus to succeed academically and professionally, as does their natural ability to empathize and always look for the good in people, which together makes them wholesome, successful and secure individuals.

Vision – To be a rounded individual in this rapidly changing world, students increasingly need an education that challenges the conventions of the traditional approaches to teaching. A school where teachers and students work collaboratively and create a community that is nurturing, engaging, and challenging. Lancers International will be that school.

Mission – Every student at Lancers International School is a distinct and a valuable individual with capabilities to be a contributing member of the global society. Our greatest mission is to create a dynamic and a global community of intelligent and sensitive individuals, who respect and value diversity and foster an inclusive environment wherever they go.

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