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A deep sense of curiosity is what drives the people at Lancers. With a strong focus on values including creativity and empathy, the leadership team at Lancers have created a safe and nurturing space where students have the liberty to ask questions, pursue problems in a way that makes sense to them and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking in a variety of ways.

We believe each child learns best not by relying solely on normative standards, testing or passively consuming knowledge, rather that each child learns best by actively constructing their own understanding based on his or her knowledge, skills and experience. We view mistakes as important opportunities for both learning and assessment.

Our school leadership team is led by Mr. Y.K. Sindhwani, a visionary, whose strong faith in critical thinking, communication and collaboration has been crucial in ensuring that each child’s curiosities, abilities and learning style have been given their due space in designing the teaching methodologies.

Y K Sindhwani

Mr. Sindhwani
Head Of School

Mrs. Prabhu

Mrs. Prabhu
School Advisor

Annabelle Villamarin

Ms. Villamarin
Primary School Principal

Arpit Sharma

Mr. Sharma
DP Coordinator

Citlalli Martinez

Ms. Martinez
PYP Coordinator

Aruna Muddana

Ms. Muddana
MYP Coordinator
IGCSE Coordinator

Swati Vats

Ms. Vats
Associate DP Coordinator
Guidance & College Counsellor

Nanki Manocha

Ms. Manocha
Development &
Communication Coordinator

  • school headboy

    --When I arrived in India and Lancers, I first was shy, scared and undisciplined but also eager to gain knowledge in this new environment. Lancers has not only taught me how to remember but also how to critically think and solve problems. It gave me many new obstacles and barriers to overcome, developing me as a pupil and as a person. It made me a potential and careful risk-taker. With this newfound knowledge, I decided to not only help myself but to help the community of Lancers as a whole. I see myself as principled, responsible, caring, open-minded, balanced and finally an inquirer. I believe the most important thing is to never stop asking questions as they will always lead to improvement. --

    Sandro Skronias

    Head Boy 2019-20

  • school headgirl

    --I shall always hold pride and dignity to be identified as a ‘Lancerian’ for years to come. My short tenure, of two years, at this esteemed institution has bestowed upon me the fondest of memories, valuable life lessons and pertinent knowledge of the world for tackling life as I am to leave soon. The past two years have been the embodiment of sheer growth and maturation for me. Had I not been admitted to the school, I would never have discerned the significance of stepping out of one's comfort zone. In the words of Leslie Odom Jr. "I am addicted to growth" , and I thank Lancers for providing me and all my fellow Lancerians with an environment, this nourishing, to make that possible. --

    Ananya Mahi.

    Head Girl 2019-20

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